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VA - Kazem (2010) ~ Syncronize Records

Style: Psytrance
Released: 08 Dec. 2010
Playtime: 73:27 min.
Size: 108 MB

Tracklist :

01 - Ajja & Dymons - Space Jester
02 - Zimon - Moonstomp
03 - Yab Yum & Apex - Voodoo Logic
04 - Genepool - Subterranean Sine Waves
05 - Ajja - Believer
06 - Ianuaria - Mosquito Ride
07 - Gaspard & Ajja - Scraddledeep
08 - Adrenokrohm - Dhom On Datha
09 - Yab Yum - Synthetic Ethnic
10 - Flooting Grooves - Safari Groove

Monday, December 20, 2010

System Hack 2011 : New Years' Eve Party @ Treasure Island, Hyderabad !

o0o0o0o0o PsyChakra o0o0o0o0o0o

in association with


Its been a long wait for the master of ceremony PSYKOVSKY to showcase his unique and epic mind twisting live set and we are very glad to inform to you that he would be doing just that for this new years' eve at the SYSTEM HACK alongwith Djane CORiOUS from Germany and TWiSTED KALA from Goa/France at the new venue tailor-made for a visual treat in the woods at the Wicked Garden in Treasure Island - HYDERABAD!!!


Headlining Act : : : :

( Tantrumm Records, OSOM Music - RUSSIA )

( Lycantrop Records - GERMANY )

( DiscoValley Records, Lycantrop Records, A.M.M. - FRANCE )

( Shaman Films Records, PsyChakra - INDIA )

( PsyChakra - INDIA )

VJ eYespY
( PsyChakra - INDIA )

Decor by Psynchronised Symmetry

More info on the venue, accomodation, chill-stage, activities, merchandise, pre-sale tickets, etc. would be given to you soon!!!

Artist Info -

Psykovsky aka Vasily Markelov a maverick Russian electronic music producer.from Russia began playing in groups as early as 12 and first achieved success as the member of Transdriver.Since 2000 Vasily has worked with a number of different solo and collaborative projects, and is nowadays acknowledged as one of the most auspicious electronic music artists.After a few compilation releases in the beginning of his solo career, soon in 2005 Psykovsky appeared on Vertigo Records with a superlative Debut album.His long-awaited second CD rebounds to the glory of the great predecessor and tends to suit different palates and minds.With undiminished enthusiasm Vasily continues to engross listeners and successfully performs all over the world.

TWISTED KALA, disco valley records dj, producer (A.M.M / goan mantra rec / Lycantrop rec), is karine petiau, born in france, lives today in goa, india, and France. Teneegers already she started to be addict of music and dancefloor.....She started to listen psycho and punk sounds, did some spiral tribes parties experiences..... She learned 10 years piano and classical theory at conservatory of Montpellier in France. She loves feel the waves sounds into her body..... Dancing, listening music....is active meditation...there you find awareness of your connexion with the univers, expande mind with better feeling and understanding of cosmic energy....cosmic flow..... Then after some strongs experiences on transe music she decides to start her own composition....she worked 1 year on frutty loops, 4 years on cubase. Today she is dijing in India and in Europe.....Starts to play in her set some of hers own tracks........ She has a deep twisted night style..... realized : - twisted kala - holographic brain / EP/ active meditation music (2010): - active meditation music: VA Tandava dance (2010): - goan mantra: goa vibration (2010). -And coming soon: Lycantrop records

Cori aka Corious is a 24 year old psytrance djane from Germany who begun playing at parties in 2007, Indian Spirit being the first notable big festival she played at in the same year.

In the years since then she's played on several parties and festivals in Germany and other parts of Europe such as Psychedelic Wonderland ' 08 (Germany), Chacruna Brainspotting' 08 (Spain), Holy Psycharonie ' 08 (Belgium), Full Moon Festival ' 10 (Germany), Psycrowdelica OA ' 10 (Germany) and three editions of Indian Spirit Festival '2007/ '09/ '10 (Germany).

Her music style has developed over the years. Currently she plays high tech music from acts such as Furious, Cosmo, Kashyyyk, Insector to name a few and her sets always include pumping basslines with psychedelic atmospheres.

In 2009 she compiled her first VA Bounty Hunters that contained blasting
tracks from Furious, Ankur, Antagon to name a few and was released on
Active Meditation Music.


2010 also saw the release of VA Only the Music on Urban Antidote Rec, a compilation made especially for her as a gift from her soulmate Psyfly and also containing an impressive artist line up.


(both cds will be available at the party for those interested)

Labels : Lycantrop Rec (Belgium)

Urban Antidote Rec (Portugal)

Bionic Instinct Rec (Morocco)

Time :

31 December at 19:30 - Saturday, 01 January 2011 at 09:00

Location :

Wicked Garden (Open-Air) , Treasure Island
Hyderabad, India

Monday, December 6, 2010

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Interloper (2010)

Artist: Carbon Based Lifeforms
Title Of Album: Interloper
Year Of Release: May-05-2010
Label: Ultimae Records / INRE 041
Genre: Ambient, Downtempo, PsyChill
Total Time: 71:44 min

Tracklist :

01 Interloper
02 Right Where It Ends
03 Central Plain
04 Supersede
05 Init
06 Euphotic
07 Frog
08 M
09 20 Minutes
10 Polyrytmi

"Carbon Based Lifeforms" performed live for the first time at Stockholm's Cosmonova Planetarium in November 2009, the music compositions retain their ethereal, wide, uplifting nature and are infused with haunting vocals by Karin My Andersson and poems by Anna Segerstad.

Carbon Based Lifeforms aficionados will recognize their pulsing bass lines, soft pads and acid melodies.

Cherry on the cake, this time Johannes Hedberg picked up guitar and bass and Karin My Andersson her Cello to add a more organic texture to the music.

'Interloper' presents 10 mesmerizing tracks which will propel the listener into a gentle and vibrant journey through warm grooves and fluid electronic atmospheres.


(Pass : newage)

Quite SynchrO~Interestingly, the file url above has a number which ends with 666, which represents the Carbon atom which has 6 Protons, 6 Neutrons & 6 Electrons ... and we just blogged about it on 'Psychedelic Adventure' in a post titled " The Secret Behind 666 : The Beast ~ The Carbon Atom ! "


... Namaste Dear Ones _/\_ ...

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