Monday, March 26, 2012

Slackbaba : Perverting Mankind (2010)

The second full length album from Slackbaba This is certainly his best work to date. A collection of psychedelic masterpieces that explore a hybrid of psychedelic dub and breaks, that would be a perfect show on any mainstage or backroom chillout.

Unique and original from beginning until end, an exhibition of the new sound that is leading the UK at the moment to be one of the most progressive music scenes in the world. Check it out..

1. The sub genie

2. Solar Seed

3. Perverting Mankind

4. The real trick

5. West in pieces

6. Bhang Galore

7. Southdown oo meltdown

8. One sure curative

9. Up in smoke

10. Domain

11. Rub my dub

Download (320 kbps)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ajja - Tulpa ~ Peak Records

Artist: Ajja
Title Of Album: Tulpa
Year Of Release: 10-03-2012
Label: Peak Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Total Time: 75:39 min

Tracklist ~

1. Bebopper 7:40
2. Rude Alert 6:59
3. Bazinga 8:18
4. Surge 7:02
5. iFriend 7:57
6. Sidewinder (Flying Mix) 8:01
7. Ingrained 7:22
8. Bayaya 7:05
9. Widdershins 7:15
10. Three Dots 8:00

Peak Records is proud and happy to present Ajja's new psytrance album 'Tulpa'...
... the eagerly anticipated follow-up to his highly praised debut 'Psychogenica'.
Featuring ten finely tuned, multi-layered slices of psychedelia, 'Tulpa' is powered by pure and undeniable grooves. These throbbing trance-floor ticklers will keep your body dancing, while your head enjoys a joyful journey through the internal landscapes of Ajja's mind.

True to Ajja's trademark flawless production that has made his music a fixture on dancefloors around the globe, 'Tulpa' offers a rare glimpse into the inner dialogues of a genuine psytrance lover.

Bursting with squidgy synths, intricate rhythms, mind-bending breakdowns, unbelievable psychoacoustic effects, and seriously chunky bass, 'Tulpa' will pull you into its world, take you out, and show you a good time.

'Tulpa', roughly translated as 'Thoughtform', is the Tibetan term for a magically produced illusion or creation Let yourself be dazzled and entranced by Ajja's latest manifestation and get your groove on !

Get it from Psyshop !



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