Friday, December 25, 2009

Ovnimoon - Geometric Poetry 2009

Artist ……. Ovnimoon
Genre …….. Psychedelic
Source ……. CDDA
Label …….. IONO
Catalog Nr. .. IONO31
Release Date . Aug-11-2009
Tracks ……. 09
Length ……. 76:46 min
Bitrate …… avg. 203kbps
Samplingrate . 44,1kHz
Mode ……… Joint-Stereo
Size ……… 111,8 MB


1. Ovnimoon – Sacred Earth (8:48)
2. Ovnimoon – Gathering of Angels (8:50)
3. Ovnimoon – Close Your Eyes (7:50)
4. Ovnimoon – Kundalini of The Andes (Open Your Mind) (8:37)
5. Ovnimoon – Vibration of Peace (7:46)
6. Ovnimoon – Mystical Technology (7:52)
7. Ovnimoon – The Arrival of Love (8:30)
8. Ovnimoon – Galactic Mantra (with Via Axis & Itomlab) (9:56)
9. Ovnimoon – 2 Guys Together (8:31)


VA - Revolve Summer Magazine 2009

Artist…..: VA
Album……: Revolve Magazine Summer 2009
Genre……: Psychedelic
Label……: Revolve Magazine
Catalogue..: REVCD012

Source…..: CDDA
Encoder….: Lame 3.97
Bitrate….: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode…….: Joint-Stereo
Store.Date.: Jun-03-2009
Rls.Date…: Jun-04-2009
Tracks…..: 09
Playtime…: 73:21 min
Size…….: 109,5 MB


01. Ovnimoon & Via Axis – Galactic Mantra [09:47]
02. Electrypnose – Create Realities [10:46]
03. Ajja – Divine Breath [07:06]
04. Neutral Motion – Decomposer [06:21]
05. EVP – Prime Directives [07:06]
06. Sonic Species – Drums At Dawn [09:16]
07. Sismic – Exploring Robots [07:49]
08. Manmademan & Hopi – 38.Tune [07:40]
09. Predators – Cosmos [07:30]


Fearsome Engine - Biting Point 2009

Tracklist :

1. Consciousness Conductors
2. Beyond Imagination
3. Silver Liner
4. Synaptic Surgery
5. Acid Head
6. Drugganaut
7. New Horizon
8. Crazy
9. Rocks To Rocketships

A lot of excitement has been building about 'Fearsome Engine' over the last 2 years. The teaming up of two producers, Tristan and Laughing Buddha, both highly accomplished and widely respected artists, was always going to grab the attention of the trance massive. Adding to this, their legendary live performances at some of the biggest festivals on the planet have gone to prove that all the hype was for good reason.

Fearsome Engine now brings us their debut album, "Biting Point". Full power, no-holds- barred PsyTrance created for full mental dancefloor grinding ! Be prepared !


Friday, December 18, 2009

VA - Aces & Kings 2009

Artist: VA
Title: Aces & Kings
Type: Compilation
Label: AS Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psytrance
Store.Date: Mar-04-2009
Rls.Date: May-08-2009
Catalogue: ARS1CD001
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 09
Playtime: 64:28 min
Size: 99,5 MB


01. Switch - Revers Only (Hydrofield Rmx) [07:07]
02. Iron Madness - Maximum Game [06:30]
03. Dragon Boyz - Human Trafic [07:59]
04. Ex-Gen - Save The Disco [07:19]
05. Krox - Uglatz [06:50]
06. Soundma - Trouble Shooting [07:18]
07. Hydrofield - The Maya Project [07:26]
08. Sb-Noise - Electronic [07:39]
09. Try2fly - Fear & Loathing [06:20]

AS Records, an Israel based company, was founded during 2001. Avi Sayag, well known as a major production player at the industry, established AS Records with clear aim of being market leader. Together with known and talented DJ's like: Hydrofield, Iron Madness, Switch, Wizax, Mad Psychos, GaTimo, SB-Noise, Tryfly, SounD.M.A, Spacenoize, Polytox, DragonBoyz, Floating Frequencies and more, Mr. Avi Sayag intend not Only to create the best enjoyable music possible, But, also to get it alongside with fun and clear roadmap for improvement and personal development of the Partners.

AS Records involves with Party's production mainly in Europe and lately at Mexico. As a base, Israel is the major ground for party's production. AS Records are looking to expend with having new high motivated talented partners who would like t to perform under successful and supportive environment.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

VA - Cymatic Frequencies 2009

Artist: VA
Title: Cymatic Freakuencies
Type: Compilation
Label: Wildthings Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Forest Psytrance
Store.Date: May-21-2009
Rls.Date: May-26-2009
Catalogue: WILDCD010
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 11
Playtime: 74:09 min
Size: 106,6 MB

Tracklist :

01. EVP - Cymatic Freakuencies [01:29]
02. Reality Grid - Free Energy [07:27]
03. Archaic - Shamanic Crisis [07:10]
04. Neutral Motion - Human Memory [06:41]
05. Hoodwink - Pandemic [06:40]
06. EVP - Prime Directives [07:09]
07. DJ Beardy And Error Corrective - Munted [07:14]
08. Archaic - Visionary Plants [07:00]
09. EVP - Digital Hangover [08:05]
10. Hoodwink - Digital Rip [07:33]
11. Error Corrective And Avalon - Alien Enviroment [07:41]

Wildthings Recs proudly bring you their 10th release their next showcase label artist compilation by label manager Dj Beardy(Weirdy) This assortment of floor stomping, mind melding, ass shaking psychedelic tunage will stimulate your senses into a positive state of aural excitement, bringing more cutting edge productions from some of the finest established artists in the u.k and beyond! Wildthings continual drive to put groove back into the music is being recognized by Dj's, promoters and revelers globally and the combination of pure mind expanding sounds mixed with tight percussive loops and funking bass lines will trigger positively frenzied dance floors worldwide.

With new tracks from E.V.P, RealityGrid, Hoodwink and Archaic and combination tracks from Error Corrective, Beardy and Avalon plus a debut track from up and coming Japanese psychedelic warrior Neutral motion, the world of psychedelic trance is in for a real treat with this cd so sit back with your headphones on, or get your party pants on and enjoy the shape shifting audio experience of Cymatic Freakuencies from Beardy Weirdy and the Wildthings family.. Label manager Dj Beardy(wierdy) is becoming an internationally renowned Dj, showcasing all wildthings music and compiling the wildthings compilations and quality control for the label... With the help of label partner EVP, Wildthings records is ready to release another 10cd's in the next few years and bring more great music to this forever expanding, morphing underground music scene...enjoy!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

VA - Time Spiral 2009 Compiled by Psychoz

Artist: VA
Title: Time Spiral - Compiled By Psychoz
Type: Compilation
Label: Kagdila Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psytrance / Full On
Store.Date: May-14-2009
Rls.Date: May-14-2009
Catalogue: KAGCD123
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 09
Playtime: 66:14 min
Size: 91,5 MB

A mix of morning and night full-on psytrance from improved artists like Dark Nebula (Acid Gliter), Wizack Twizack, Virtual Light, Twisted Reaction (Reverse), Psychoz and very talented new artists including interesting collaborations combined with rich production and mastering quality. For this release Psychoz compiled a diverse collection of up-to-date music. This unique collection has much to offer and the music speaks for itself and will definitely satisfy all lovers of all kind of psy sound, will warm your heart and move your body. This CD is just another definite proof that the real dance floor music still exists around the globe and will always be here with us to make us smile and be happy.


01. Dark Nebula - Time 2 Burn [08:19]
02. Wizack Twizack Vs Virtual Light - We Must Save You [08:23]
03. Mystikal Vibes Vs Time Lab - Time Spiral [08:16]
04. Heliobyte Vs Psychoz - Internal Fire [07:34]
05. Altering Perceptions - Release Yourself [07:51]
06. Reverse Vs Xrated - We Are All Aliens [06:39]
07. Psychoz - Emergency Room [06:48]
08. Psychoz Vs Jeto Vs Trancendental Culture - Flow [06:48]
09. Acid Gliter - Dream In Code [05:36]


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

S-Range Remixed Memories

Tracklist :

01. Morning Star (Reactor RMX)
02. Yellow Base (Atomic Pulse RMX)
03. Serial Overtypes (Skulptor vs. Sms RMX)
04. Boom (Zen Mechanics RMX)
05. Kym (Mad Max RMX)
06. Hypermental (Exaile vs. Uriel RMX)
07. Larger Plan (Squidfingers RMX)
08. Test Tone (Alternative Motion RMX)
09. Space (Ibojima RMX)

A Swedish artist who has performed in almost every country around the world, now completes 10 years of the project with a memorable release called 'Remixed Memories', which brings the classic tunes from the early years of S-Range remixed by both well established and new trance artists.


S-Range aka Anthony Sillfors grew up in Kiruna in the northern hemispheres of Sweden where he struggled with the extremely cold climate and was overtly exposed to the spellbinding Aurora Borealis, (the Northern Light). The fact that the only Northern European space station is located nearby his hometown must have played a very strong impact to his alert state of awareness.

After cruising around the world on his wheels as a professional skateboarder, he first got his first magical dose of trance on a vacation in Mexico in 1992. Since then, he has been a regular party chaser around the world. In the late nineties, he decided that it was about time to send his own sonic frequencies into outer space and started producing music. Releases on labels such as Flying Rhino, Medium, Spiral Trax and MDMA in Israel soon followed.

In no time, Anthony became an internationally respected and recognized artist. He now spends most of his weekends all over our globe spinning at parties for he has become one of the highly requested DJ’s and live-acts in the trance scene. For instance, in Brazil and Japan, he has definitely reached the pinnacle of attention and gratitude. Furthermore, he is now a part of the artists relationship program from Steinberg Technology AB.

He is now based in Gothenburg and is belting out tunes in a furious tempo from D.O.S Mission Control Centre.

According to Anthony, the music is best described as “a sci-fi sound effects orientated morning trance.” We just call it banging trance with nice harmonies and a huge soundscape.

After his hugely popular debut album, '2001', Anthony Sillfors is back with another piece of sci-fi sample laden high-energy morning trance. Since the release of his first album, Anthony has been constantly on the road, jetting between continents to perform for the global trance community and receiving euphoric reactions. For example in Brazil, Japan, Israel, Mexico and Australia, he has reached the pinnacle of attention and gratitude. Furthermore, he is now a part of the artists relationship program from Steinberg Technologies AG.

With 'Space', Anthony continues in his unique style of uplifting party tunes. He blends full-on psychedelic with the more traditional elements of trance. He has continued to develop his skills for a crispier and cleaner production, combining heavy string pads with pumping bass lines and packing the tracks with samples from outer space.

Monday, October 12, 2009

VA - Syntonized Fields (MidwayStation Records 2009)

Artist: VA
Title: Syntonized Fields
Type: Compilation
Label: MidwayStation Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Full On
Store.Date: Jul-15-2009
Rls.Date: Jul-17-2009
Catalogue: MWSCD001
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 09
Playtime: 71:34 min
Size: 101,9 MB


01. Digicult - Last Warning [06:38]
02. Mr Peculiar - Hallucination Generation [09:12]
03. Suria Vs Holophonik - Another Dimension [07:28]
04. Holophonik - Black Spiral [07:03]
05. Rastaliens - Psycho Acustics [07:51]
06. Cosmo Tech - Sonic Solutions [09:13]
07. Full Propulsion - Just Trying [07:40]
08. Menog Vs Holophonik - Space Traveller [07:33]
09. Yonilinga - The Miracle Buddha [08:56]

MidwayStation Records is proud to present its first compilation named Syntonized Fields. Carefully selected to bring back that syntonized feeling which used to gather people in celebration in the beginning of the trance scene. The label presents 9 unreleased and high quality tracks developed by skilled producers, and invites you to travel with it to a journey back to the source. Enjoy !


VA - Digital Frequencies !

Artist: VA
Title: Digital Frequencies
Type: Compilation
Label: Dishna Prana Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Full On / Full Power
Store.Date: 09.14.2009
Rls.Date: 09.19.2009
Catalogue: DPRB002
Source: CDDA
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 09
Playtime: 68:06 min
Size: 94,8 MB

Tracklist :

01. Metal Wizard - Sopro De Samba [08:10]
02. Hypnoxock - Sala-Din [07:26]
03. Attik - Creacking Sonority [07:12]
04. Brain Hunters - Cause And Effect V.2 [08:07]
05. Klacid - Welcome To Paradise [08:10]
06. Technical Ikon - Magnetik [07:36]
07. Echoactive - Go And Back [06:54]
08. Y-East - Coffee And Cigarettes [06:21]
09. Organic Soup - Bats Are Coming [08:10]

Dinsha Prana Records is proud to present V.A Digital Frequencies. Second album edited under this record label in Barcelona, Spain. Dedicade to promote the new full on Psytrance mega producers in the world. This time macking an explosive fusion of talented and creative minds of countries such as Israel, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Brazil and Mexico. 'Digital Frequencies' is a powerful mix between hard and agressive beats with strong and continious basslines, amazing atmospheres and fat and fresh sounds that we never hear before...

A BPM range from 145 and 147. All tracks are a new kind of powerful Psytrance music for everyone who likes strong productions, full on leads and remarkable melodies loaded of energy. Creating an amazing travel from the night time to the morning. Dinsha Prana Records is ready to rock dance floor again!


Ephedrix - Expander ( Full On Psytrance 2009 )

Artist: Ephedrix
Album: Expander
Label: Dacru Records
Genre: Electronic
Style: Full On
Store.Date: 2009-09
Release.Date: 2009-09-29
Catalog: DCRCD011
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: LAME 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkpbs
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 09
Playtime: 69:17 min
Release.Size: 99,1 MB

Tracklist :

01. Silicon Sound - Pure Reality (Ephedrix Rmx) 07:41
02. Aquila - Alice (Ephedrix Rmx) 07:29
03. Ephedrix - Far Away (Dna Rmx) 07:33
04. Electro Sun Vs Brain Damage - Hypnotic Voices (Ephedrix Rmx)07:43
05. Ephedrix Vs Oonah - Space & Time 07:46
06. Ephedrix - Evolving Moods (Chronos Rmx) 07:00
07. Talamasca Feat. Nomad - The Awakening (Ephedrix Rmx) 07:39
08. Ephedrix Vs Aquila - 10 Miles Out (Lamat Rmx) 08:00
09. Protoculture - Magnetik (Ephedrix Rmx) 08:26

'Expander' is the second full album for Ephedrix. After releasing their debut album with Dacru in 2008 the Belgian duo is now back with this remix special. Remixes made by and for Ephedrix confirming their place in the contemporary psychedelic scene. Some of the finest artists around the globe have contributed: Silicon Sound, Protoculture, Talamasca, Chronos, DNA, Aquila, Electro Sun and more.

All tracks breathe the true Ephedrix spirit of playful melodic and driving beats. Having built a reputation throughout the years with their energetic live act, this energy will also be felt in the new tracks. Built for your pleasure, this release will take its rightful place in your collection.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

VA - Clash 2009

Artist: VA
Title: Clash - Compiled by Massive & DJ Moira
Type: Compilation
Label: Materia Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Full On
Release Date: 17-08-2009
Source: CDDA
Catalog nr: MTE1CD010
Grabber: EAC
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 kHz / Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 09
Playtime: 67:25 min
Size: 154,5 MB

Materia Records is proud to announce the 10th release, compilation Clash! Massive and DJ Moira join forces to present a sophisticated selection of talented artists, combined with a high quality approach of production and mastering. The 9 unreleased tracks from well known producers have been carefully selected and tested on dance floors across the globe.

The compilation includes top notch collaborations, international trance stars, dance floor hits, catchy rhythms, dreamy melodies, and deeper feelings. What more to say ... The track listing speaks for itself. 'Massive' is the Full On, psychedelic, solo project of Davina (aka Sirius Isness / Davina). Highly acclaimed all over the world, her debut album 'NOT AN Angel was one of the biggest surprises of 2008. 'DJ Moira' aka Moira Santibáñez has been mixing non-stop becoming one of the most popular Spanish DJ's around, always delivering a perfectly matched mix and a great vibe on the dance floor. In 2004 Dj Anahata, together with Moira, founded the first Spanish Trance label 'Materia Records'. After the success of her first release v / a BIG Bang ', Moiras' back to make you dance.


01.Massive - Gym in Ibiza [06:50]
02.Sirius Isness - Zero One [08:21]
03.Cpu - Lets Play [06:52]
04.Biogenesis Vs Sirius Isness - Team Up in Barcelone [06:59]
05.Massive Vs Delysid - Electricity Clash [07:22]
06.Peace Maker - Save My Soul (Remix) [07:52]
07.Mad Maxx - Knod Job [07:45]
08.Nomad - Flying Saucers [07:37]
09.Massive Vs Audio Hijack - Think for Yourself [07:47]


VA - Overpowered Compiled By Blitz !

Artist: VA
Title: Overpowered
Type: Compilation
Label: Blitz Music
Genre: Electronic
Style: Psychedelic Full On
Store.Date: May-22-2009
Rls.Date: May-25-2009
Catalogue: BLZCD001
Source: CDDA
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 09
Playtime: 62:26 min
Size: 91,2 MB

Blitz Music is a brand new label based in Amsterdam, founded by Harold Winston aka Blitz. Presenting a new fresh view of trance music, very creative with incomparable beats.Our goal as a label is to deliver a new fresh style of music! Blitz music will have a constant presentation of new powerful artists with original and one of a kind sounds. The label is managing to become respected by releasing mind blowing and unique productions! The V/A named Overpowered is Blitz music's first release. It will have the collaboration of artists such as Psychotic Micro, Void, Faith, Blitz, Tube, Exaile and many more and will also be bringing the newest dance floor beats. Now tune into Blitz Music and let the killer beats roll!


01. Void - Bring It Back [06:06]
02. Switch - Everybody Use [06:06]
03. Vibraddict - Rasta Man [06:26]
04. 220V Vs Massive - Massivoltz [06:31]
05. Blitz Vs Faith Feat Isabel - Run Away [06:48]
06. Faith - Madness Of My Innocence [07:19]
07. Tube - Ground Breaking Music [08:27]
08. Blared Manifest - Naughty Girl [06:56]
09. Psychotic Micro - Take Over [07:47]


VA - The Beach 2009

Artist .....: VA
Album ......: The Beach 2009
Genre ......: Psychedelic
Label ......: Fineplay Records
Catalogue ..: FINEPR-014
Source .....: CDDA
Encoder ....: Lame 3.97
Bitrate ....: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode .......: Joint-Stereo
Store.Date.: Aug-11-2009
Rls.Date ...: Aug-24-2009
Tracks .....: 09
Playtime ...: 65:47 min
Size .......: 94,7 MB

Tracklist :

01. 1200 Micrograms - Speed Of Light Dynamic Rmx [05:59]
02. Pixel Vs. Bizzare Contact - Irealize [07:55]
03. GMS Vs. Space Tribe - Rhythm Of Life [08:55]
04. Space Cat Vs. Perplex Vs. Michele Adamson - Shut Up
And Dance [06:37]
05. Black And White Vs. Epiphony - All That Remains [07:08]
06. Shanti - Green Room 2009 Beach Mix [05:51]
07. Gataplex - Dance Forever Dynamic Volt Rmx [07:17]
08. X-Noize Vs. Tom.C - Clockwise [07:29]
09. Absolum Vs. Menog - Basic Survival Instincts Absolum
Vs. Menog Rmx [08:36]

Cd and DVD compiled by Dj Dithforth.

The CD version includes 9 Mega-hits, produced by top acts such as Black and White, Dynamic,
1200 Micrograms, Gataplex, X-Noize, Absolum and more.

The awesome DVD includes 8 chapters, The Beach 2008, Michele Adamson, Black and White, Perplex, Bizzare Contact, Dynamic, Space Cat and Absolum. Each artist is presented with a track and video footage from him playing at Fineplay's events.

This special DVD experience includes an amazing selection of music, mixed, giving an extra dosage of party vibes.


VA - Manga Vol. 2 2009

Artist: VA
Title: Manga Vol 2
Type: Compilation
Label: Yabai Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Night Psytrance / Night Full On
Store.Date: 2009-03
Release.Date: 2009-03-19
Catalog: YAB1CD016
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: LAME 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkpbs
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 09
Playtime: 72:22 min
Release.Size: 103,4 MB

Yabai Records drop the first bomb in 2009! One of our best smash hit compilation is back in March, with 9 fresh and killer tracks. This cd has a story like Manga (means Japanese animation comic book), written with dramatic and crazy tracks, melodic track etc This Cd will bring you into our Yabai Manga world.


01. Painkiller vs Lost and Found - Digitalized 09:37
02. Digital Talk - Acid Test (Mindcore Remix) 06:58
03. B-55 - Miracle Hour 08:14
04. Orca - Wire (Trip Remix) 08:07
05. Lost and Found vs Frozen Ghost - Rapture 08:13
06. Azax Syndrom - Hokuto Shin-ken 08:53
07. Winter Demon - Twisted (Image Remix) 06:24
08. Bliss - Etnix 09:10
09. Toxic - Prayer (2008 Edition) 06:46


Sunday, August 30, 2009

VA - Goa Trance Volume Eleven 2009

Artist: VA
Title: Goa Trance Vol. 11 - Compiled by DJ Tulla
Type: Compilation
Label: Yellow Sunshine Explosion
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Full On / Progressive
Store.Date: 2009-08
Release.Date: 2009-09-15
Catalog: YSE211
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: LAME 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkpbs
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 18
Playtime: cd1: 71:27 cd2: 66:03
Release.Size: 192,3 MB


01. Ace Ventura - Genesis 09:57
02. Jaia - Epsilon (Zyce Rmx) 08:19
03. Sangeet - Xpd5 06:52
04. Xerox And Illumination - Ghost In The Machine 09:03
05. Ital - Pure Air 07:19
06. Sundose - Learning To Fly 08:06
07. Talamasca & Xsi Feat. Nomad - The Frequency 07:35
08. La Mila - Liquid Medium 06:29
09. Aquila - De-Evolution 07:47


01. Spyser - I Feel So Free (Switch Vs Ultravoice Rmx) 07:25
02. Gameboy - Psychedelic Experience 08:51
03. Krome Angels - Blast From The Past 07:11
04. Day Din - Dance With We 07:10
05. Synthax - Dragon Fruit 07:38
06. Cabal - The Sacret Spirit 07:35
07. Liquid Soul - Perfect Day 07:53
08. Aquafeel - The Show 06:52
09. Felguk - Galaxy Traveller (Neelix Rmx) 05:28

The GOA Trance Series is the ultimate ticket through the world of psychedelic music culture, representing all shapes and forms this genre has to offer. Again, GOA Trance VOL.11 has been compiled by DJ Tulla, one of the most respected DJs in Germany, with over 140 minutes of sheer psychedelic madness! This Volume is boasting with Top acts like: Ace Ventura, Krome Angels, U-Recken, Talamasca, XSI and Day Din plus much more!


VA - Theater Of 1000 Lights 2009

Artist: VA
Title: Theater of 1000 Lights
Type: Compilation
Label: Blue Tunes Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Progressive
Release Date: 22-07-2009
Catalog: BTRDR009
Source: WAV/WEB
Grabber: EAC
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Quality: 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Joint Stereo
Tracks: 09
Playtime: 70:18 min
Size: 161,1 MB

Tracklist :

01.Yotopia - Blue Moon [07:49]
02.Sensifeel - Sunglaces (Gaudium Remix) [08:17]
03.Lish - Stereo Talk [08:29]
04.Galactika - Motion Control [07:09]
05.Earsugar - Foretaste (Symphonix Remix) [08:20]
06.Martin - Lauschgift [07:22] ?
07.Symphonix - Home Sweet Home [08:31]
08.Morax - Ola Bonbon [07:30]
09.Nyquist - Oliver Twist [06:51]

Download ; Alternative 1

VA - Borrowed Time 2009

Artist.........: VA
Title..........: Borrowed Time
Type...........: Compilation
Label..........: Electric Power Pole Records
Genre..........: Psychedelic
Style..........: Psytrance Jul-02-2009 Jul-07-2009
Catalogue......: EPPR009CD
Source.........: CDDA
Encoder........: Lame 3.97
Bitrate........: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode...........: Joint-Stereo
Cue............: Yes
Tracks.........: 01
Playtime.......: 75:02 min
Size...........: 108,9 MB

'Borrowed Time', is the fifth release on Electric Power Pole records and continues to highlight fresh Australian artists with a dash of Denmark to boot. Leading the Australian sounds are a number of Sydney based producers: Sinister Sequence, Hedonix, Fracas, Third Drop Reflection, Mnemonic and S.E.T.H — night sounds, the quirky and a tempo change all drenched with psychedelic. Underground music for the forest, with the sound turned up the beats change and shift your journey, in and out of tune. Electric Power Pole continues to explore all avenues of sound and assisted in its endeavors by Product Placement of Cairns, Australia and brains of minimal tech trance, Psypox and Bufo from Denmark, 'Borrowed Time' tries to stay true to its left of center origins, with a nice slice of confusion to get you there.


01. Third Drop Reflection — Red Hat Beanie Thing
02. Psypox — Present
03. Bufo Vs. Hedonix — How Much For The Beaver
04. Sinister Sequence — Deviant
05. Product Placement — Interlooper Remix
06. Memonic — Trance Template
07. Sinistrer Sequence — Kept In The Dark
08. Fracas — Pressure On
09. Hedonix — Sixth Circuit Semantics
10. S.e.t.h. — The What If Machine


The Commercial Hippies - From Beyond 2009

Artist: The Commercial Hippies
Album: Form Beyond
Label: Nano Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Uk Psytrance
Store.Date: Jul-15-2009
Rls.Date: Jul-17-2009
Catalogue: NANOCD021
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 09
Playtime: 58:06 min
Size: 88,4 MB

Tracklist :

01. Like I Do [05:57]
02. Imaginoid [06:14]
03. Live [07:33]
04. All Systems Go [06:53]
05. Tricksy (Tch's All Tricked Out Mix) [06:01]
06. Can't Stop Progress [05:49]
07. Out Of The Light [06:03]
08. Belly Of The Beast [06:41]
09. Stranger Things [06:55]

From two very dedicated trance maestros, DJ Chesh and Ant, comes The Commercial Hippies much anticipated album; 'From Beyond'. This is their second album and it promises to be a stormer! With 3 years international experience gained since their last release, the formidable duo have put all their heart and soul into the making of this album and it shows! These tracks have been tried and tested on the global circuit and received many positive responses.

A dance-floor thumping, toe tapping, head-banging intergalactic experience is the order of the day and the inability to stop yourself from getting up and jumping around will leave you knowing that music, as good as this, can only come from one place, and that is quite clearly... From Beyond !


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cosmic Ray Of Hope : DJ SxRyan

A Fantastic uplifting set by SxRyan ... Thanks for the awesome vibes !!! :)

Tracklist :

01) Sufi Vs Digicult - Antilope
02) Aquila - Biometrics
03) Mad Hatters Vs Cosmonet - Elevate
04) Bohemica - Our Trajectory
05) Audiotec - Tranceformers
06) DNA Vs Wizzy Noise - Restart
07) XSI - Customer
08) Mad Maxx - Unplugged
09) Wizack Twizack Vs Virtual Light - We Must Save You From Yourself
10) PTX - Off The Record
11) Sidharta Vs Technodrome - Access Point
12) Bionix - Fighting The Shadows


Friday, August 14, 2009

VA Trance Culture By Light 2009

Artist: VA
Title: Trance Culture By Light - Compiled by Dr. Franz and Aeternal
Type: Compilation
Label: Macky Mad House
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psytrance 02.04.2009 30.03.2009
Medium: CDDA
Grabber: EAC 0.99 prebeta 4
Encoder: Lame 3.97-V 2 - vbr-new
Quality: VBRkbps / 44,1 kHz / Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 09
Length: 69:26
Size: 100,46 MB

This compilation is called Trance Culture; by Light to play a word game with 'by Night' which was the label's previous outing just over a month ago. The difference between the two CDs is self evident, whereas the previous one contained night tunes, this one, even without loosing its psychedelic power and speed and its being underground, contains tunes that are well playable in the first light or in the morning. The starring once again are well known artists and emergent rising stars like Wizack Twizack whose tune closes the compilation. Electrypnose on versus with Acryam who's track starts this roller coaster of emotions. Two amazing tunes from Sismic which is Mmhr's warhorse and the one behind the graphic project of both Night and Light Vas. M-Theory gives us some more reasons for smiling with a really fun morning tune and Mexican extraordinaire Sharigrama delights us with his expression of morning psytrance.

A touch different from the 'norm' is Skyhighatrist's tune, very bouncy and very psychedelic too. Oblivion is the project of one of the most sought after DJs in Italy; Lunatic and his companion Shivavoice they also gift us of a spectacular morning track. Going ahead we find Cosmiculture which is a New Caledonian project of label co-owner Enzo aka Aeternal which proposes something very jumpy and morning like. This closes the Trance Culture project by the new Mmhr and brings the label to new heights.

We at Mad Macky House Records are already working at our next two outings so lend us your ears folks.

Let 's dance!


01. Electrypnose vs Acyram - Standby for Action 08:17
02. Sismic - Brain Sports 08:22
03. Skyhighatrist - Totally Quackers 07:19
04. Sharigrama - The Flying Dutchman 07:39
05. M-Theory - Little Crush 06:33
06. Cosmiculture - Fly to Go Beyond 07:36
07. Oblivion - Lunar 07:50
08. Sismic - Omniverse 07:52
09. Wizack Twizack - Turyatita 07:58


VA Trance Culture By Night 2009

Artist: VA
Title: Trance Culture By Night - Compiled by Dr. Franz and Aeternal
Type: Compilation
Label: Macky Mad House Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Dark Psytrance / Night Psytrance 22.02.2009
Quality: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Size: 108,68 MB

Tracklist :

01. Dissociactive - Kasper's Sky 07:51
02. Yashibato - Kuma Kumali Kuma 07:59
03. Cosmic Iron vs Plastic - Teleplastia 07:04
04. Tryon vs Random - Every Damn Night 07:10
05. Concept vs Stardust - Abstrakt 07:17
06. Aeternal - Baino Dance 07:26
07. Logical Brain - Booma 06:26
08. Fraktal Noise - Mad Progress 07:46
09. Dark Elf - Chapora 07:19
10. Phonic Request vs TerraFormers - Jungle Joke 07:32


Option 2 : Part 1 ; Part 2

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cosmosis - Psychedelica Melodica

After 2 years, the music for the eagerly awaited new album from Cosmosis...

...Psychedelica Melodica is finished.

After releasing the popular and successful Trancendance album, Cosmosis has spent much of the last two years touring and playing worldwide at parties in places such as Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Israel, Russia, The United States, Japan and all over Europe Cosmosis now returns with a stunning collection of powerful quality tracks in this, the sixth Cosmosis artist album to date.

Overall, the music on Psychedelica Melodica emphasises melody more than the previous record Trancendance and yet manages to combine that with a deep psychedelic sensibility - hence the title. Psychedelica Melodica also majors in rubbery basslines and throbbing dance grooves often at times with a liberal dash of funk.

All this is presented with the state of the art production level as well as character; that rare element that distinguishes artists from the artisans and which in this case makes the music uniquely identifiable as Cosmosis in a genre in which tracks often sound formulaic.

Tracklist :

1 No Such Thing (Throb Factor Five Mix) (7:41)
2 Creature From Outer Space (8:23)
3 Metaphysical Worlds (7:16)
4 Dance Of The Cosmic Serpent (8:17)
5 The Other Side (9:01)
6 Martian Blues (8:18)
7 Journey Of The Soul (9:05)
8 Spanish Gypsy (9:07)


A brief summary of where the creative sparks for the ideas for each of the tracks on Psychedelica Melodica originally struck ...

1. No Such Thing (Throb Factor Five mix)

This opening track for the album grew out of a studio experiment in polyrhythm - imposing groups of six 16th notes over a 4/4 rhythm - which you can hear as one of the main filtered synth lines. That spacey sounding idea inspired me to create something a bit more musical and a little less frantic than the rest of the tracks on the album, something perhaps more suitable as part of a morning set at an outdoor party. This is a later mix in which I re-worked the kick and bass to make it really pump using a compressor and sidechain hence the Throb Factor title. The rather odd opening statement and track's title was taken from a lecture by Alan Watts who was speaking on the subject of language and it's role in the creation of human perception. In pre internet days I read pretty much everything that Alan Watts wrote and it had a profound and positive impact on my life. I was thrilled when I discovered that his lectures were available in audio online and I could actually hear the man speak for the first time, fifteen years after reading his books (and 35 years since he passed over.) The internet is superb for some things.

2. Creature From Outer Space

Creature From Outer Space actually started life on my laptop as a throwaway demo project that I created to help some of my Brazilian friends figure out how to use their new music software. By the time I had finished demonstrating how to create a groovy bassline, programme hats and percussion, timestretch a percussion loop, create some synth parts, arrange and generally put a track together, I realized that I had the bones of a new Cosmosis track. When I returned from my tour of Brazil to my studio in Europe, I transferred the track to my main studio and further developed the ideas into a coherent piece. The "outer space" theme was inspired by the wonderfully cheesey 50's vocal sample, which in turn gave rise to the theramin-esque synth line and some spacey guitar parts. The underlying theme is something like: " If human beings were visted at several points in human history by benign aliens for the purpose of genetically modifying our DNA for evolutionary purposes then surely we are the creatures from outer space." (And if you could get all that just by listening to the track then clearly you deserve a life membership to MENSA ) Hopefully this track shouldn't sound too out of place at a disco at the edge of an Andromedian star system.

3. Metaphysical Worlds

A funky 16's bassline provides the sonic vehicle for this journey through several of the Bardo states to "the outskirts of human awareness" led by none other than the Uber trip guidemeister himself; Tim Leary. I had the original idea for this track while lazing about in the shade of an articulated lorry escaping the midday sun after playing the sunrise set at a party near a beach in Acapulco in Mexico. It's perhaps the least melodic track on the album. Still, the twisted fragments of a tune can be made out. Relatively minimal but definitely syncopated and funky with all the emphasis on the groove.

4. Dance of The Cosmic Serpent

The title is inspired by anthropologist Jeremy Narby's book " The Cosmic Serpent" in which he suggests among other things that the global network of DNA based actually a conscious entity and furthermore, that human mind can communicate with this DNA consciousness via trance states, enthogenic experiences etc. and to receive detailed and specific information and wisdom. The dance of the cosmic serpent in the title refers to the total manifestation of this underlying consciousness via the massive variety of lifeforms on planet Earth including us - human beings. As it dances, so it manifests. This idea along with an already existing notion of mine to create a track purely based around a central melody were combined for this track. I derived the melody from an Arabic sounding scale because to me it sounds kind of wiggley and serpentine and often seems to suggest snake charmer music. Given that I wanted the tune to be the centrepiece I used approached the composition in a different manner. Rather than starting out with the kick and bassline as I often do, I sat down with a guitar, decided on the implied harmonic movement and made sure that I had definitively composed the entire tune before booting up the sequencer. Once I had the tune, I built the track up around it.

5. The Other Side

The initial basic idea for this piece was to write a melodic section over a couple if implied chords and then to create a second contrasting, spookier section to alternate it with in the ABABAB manner common to most other styles of music other than trance. However, with all the best intention in the world, the track soon took on a life of it's own and demanded that I added another section which served to build tension before the melodic sections (which repeats again later) and then a couple of breakdowns, and then an added climactic section and so on and so forth. I find this often happens during the process of creating music and over the years I have learned to become sensitive to it and to listen and follow orders by adding (and removing) parts and ideas as neccesary until the track is through with telling me how it wants to be. At this point the track is usually complete and just needs to be mixed down. In this particular case it appeared to have a lot to say about itself, with the result that I ended up with a track that was longer and very much more complex in terms of arrangement than my original idea.

6. Martian Blues

"Oh my God, who was this? ... it sounded like someone from Mars playing the blues!" Such was Carlos Santana's reaction the very first time he heard a recording of Jimi Hendrix playing guitar. Santana was a huge musical influence on me, and Carlos' reaction to Hendrix in an interview I found on the Internet was the catalyst that inspired the concept for this blues flavoured, guitar riff driven, galloping psychedelic mayhem. The bluesy acoustic guitar intro theme developed from an idea that I was noodling with in a dropped D tuning on Tristan's acoustic guitar while laying in a hammock in Trancoso, Brazil. Tristan remarked, "Why don't you put that into a track?" I never found a good reason why not to. Sometimes you need someone else to tell you something obvious. So what does a Martian playing the blues sound like? Well, given that the first time I ever heard an overdriven TB303 in a track, to me it sounded like an alien instrument from another planet and given that the 303 is to dance music what the guitar is to rock, then a Martian playing the blues might sound a just a little like the overdriven 303 freak-out during the last "race to the finish" section in this track. Incidentally, in the second guitar riff after the breakdown I "pay homage" to the harmonica riff in the theme from BBCs "The Old Grey Whistle Test."

7. Journey Of The Soul

Titled after Michael Newton's extraordinary book "Journey Of The Soul". The music, following on from the theme of the book attempts to use music to evoke images of the soul's journey into and through several metaphysical locations in the state between death and eventual physical rebirth. Absurd? Of course. Nevertheless, despite being an overly ambitious and impossible task, as a compositional device, I find using music to try to evoke locations and states of being does serve to engage my imagination much more fully in the creative process. In a way, using organized sound (music) may be more suited to the task of evoking abstract phenomema than words (which come to think of it, originate from the vocal chords as a collection of serially emmitted sounds) The process is a bit like scoring to picture but with the picture provided by the mind`s eye and imagination instead of a video screen. It can also be a lot more fun. So, does the finished music describe a journey through several states of being? I like to think that I captured something. Does it actually describe the soul's journey? Well, who knows...

8. Spanish Gypsy

Until quite recently I lived the Sierra Guadarrama mountains in Spain for several years where I was exposed to a lot of excellent Flamenco music, which is the music of the Gypsies or Romani. Being a guitarist myself I couldn't help but get sucked into figuring out how to play this style on guitar. While I was learning, I was struck by the similarity between Flamenco and North African and Indian music and when I analysed it, I found that they share certain musical scales. (the Romani were originally a tribe from India that travelled to Europe in the12th century) Another musical conjunction was the similarity (to me) between the harmony and rhythm of the opening bars of that quintessentially Spanish dance the Pasa Doble and a lot of Trance built on a gallop rhythm. So the original inspirationalbspark began with the possibility of combining all these musical threads into one piece of music. So, I started by creating the melody on a Flamenco scale, over the rhythm of the Pasa Doble with it's semi-tone harmonic movement and mixed that with certain elements of the older Indian influenced Goa-trance sound, but built it all on a foundation of the big kick and bass from the more modern Psy-Trance sound. Later I dusted off the (steel strung!) acoustic and recorded some melodic guitar parts using some newly learned Flamenco licks to emphasis the Gitano flavour. The track you hear is the result of this weird musical synthesis of Goa, Psy trance, Flamenco and the Pasa Doble.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Psychoz - Morning Glory 2009

Psychoz is back with his most memorable album so far !

After releasing 4 albums he decided to take a twist and give us a full power morning pumper that will have Psychoz fans around the world severely satisfied and begging for more!

This album is dedicated to the natural psychedelic flower whose seeds are known to produce similar effect to LSD when taken in the hundreds. Zoran Zlatkovski aka Psychoz began creating psy-trance in the late 90's. He is actually the first Macedonian psy-producer.

His first EP release 'Jupiter'(PMG Recordings) saw the light of the day end of 2000. 2002 followed his second release with 11 tracks on his self titled album on Avatar Rec. Psychoz's been working for a while with an experimental side-project called White Teeth which has released a CD for Macedonian label Lithium Records.

Another new album is released January 2006 under Trishula Records sub-label. In 2007 Zoran released his 3rd album as Psychoz with Geomagnetic Darkstar and received rave reviews and much critical acclaim as well as tons of respect on the dance floor.

His style is very unique and has elements from dark, psy, twisted, forest, experimental, industrial and now his unique take on morning psychedelic trance and other variation forms of psy-trance.

Artist: Psychoz
Album: Morning Glory
Tyle: Album
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psytrance
Source: WEB
Grabber: EAC 0.95 beta 3
Encoder: Lame 3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new
Quality: 320 kbps / 44,1Hz / Stereo
Tracks: 11
Playtime: 74:48 min
Size: 171,3 MB

Tracklist :

01. Groovy 04:54
02. Flute 08:20
03. Gold Sun 07:19
04. Space Bug 05:33
05. Legacy 07:44
06. The Arc 06:05
07. Turbo Motion 07:15
08. Come as You Are 05:06
09. Under the Sea 06:28
10. Lost in Space 06:32
11. Morning Glory 09:32


E-Mov - Island Of The Lotus Eaters 2009

'Island Of the Lotus Eaters' is the first album from E-mov Project.
After 3 years studio and plenty of rocking on dancefloors, the two well known Greek artists Kostas Daikos And Vangelis Alexandris release their debut album.

Following many years of experience in music creation and playing live all around the globe gave birth to a mature collection of tunes keeping an astounding balance between dark and light, hard and smooth, wild and peaceful Vocals, as well as a mix of morning and night full-on psytrance from with a high approach concerning the production and mastering quality.

This piece of art can be played anytime during the night or day to activate ancient forces and power mind and body.

Tracklist :

01. Osho
02. Kanenas
03. Lotus Eaters
04. Morning Aura
05. Happy Landings
06. History We Are Coming
07. Lykaina
08. Genesis


VA - At The Source Compiled By Piero & Luca

After spending years of passion on working to increase the Trance scene, Piero and Luca are more than enthusiastic to present their first compilation. At the source is based on travelling, exchanges, gifts.a well balanced mixture of funky solidity, pure dance and vibration. A 9 track journey through South Africa, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the U.S. The soft ethno-funky touch of Flooting Groves, the fresh, delicate retro of Tantrix and Sismic, the certainity of Lucas, Pogo and Aphid Moon, Mood Deluxe's breakbeat-touch, the deep theatrical Scorb, the psychedelic experiments of Electric Sheep and the cerebral dissonances of Mystic Luminate:This IS AT THE Source! Are you a dreamer? Are you a mystic? Are you a hunter? Are you a lover? Let's go to the source!

Artist.........: VA
Album..........: At The Source-Compiled By Piero & Luca
Label..........: La Magica Boutique
Genre..........: Psychedelic
Style..........: Psytrance Jul-02-2009 Jul-06-2009
Catalogue......: LMB001
Source.........: CDDA
Encoder........: Lame 3.97
Bitrate........: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode...........: Joint-Stereo
Tracks.........: 09
Playtime.......: 77:29 min
Size...........: 119,8 MB


01. Electric Sheep - Spiritual Spaghetti (09:18)
02. Aphid Moon - Psyfer (09:40)
03. Sismic - Smashing Stars (09:51)
04. Lucas and Pogo - No Left Turn Unstoned (08:45)
05. Scorb - Circardian (07:28)
06. Mystic Luminate - Nerrve Damaage (07:33)
07. Mood Deluxe - Reptilian Schmilian (08:35)
08. Tantrix - Extraordinary World (08:14)
09. Flooting Grooves - Reality Cheque (08:05)

Rapidshare Download

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Hotfile Download

VA - Twisted Insight 2009 Compiled By Roddy Alien

Spectral Records presents its cd009, 'Twisted Insight'. This time compiled by the Brazilian Roddy Alien based in Ibiza.

Roddy as been in the trance scene for several years now and he wanted to compile his favorite music in this compilation.

Artists like Menog, Absolum, Azax Syndrom, Outer Signal, Fiuzz, Khopat just to name a few, everyone is twisting inside this cd to make the Dance Floors move like you have never seen before!

Artist........ VA
Album......... Twisted Insight (Compiled By Roddy Alien)
Genre......... Psychedelic
Catalog....... SPL1CD009
Medium........ CDDA
Encoder....... LAME 3.97
Bitrate....... VBRkpbs
Mode.......... Joint-Stereo
Store.Date.... 2009-07
Release.Date.. 2009-07-21
Tracks........ 09
Playtime...... 72:27 min
Release.Size.. 104,8 MB


01. Outer Signal - Absolut Cut 07:24
02. Rabdom L - Psykodeliak 07:42
03. Menog vs Absolum - Basic Survival Instinct (Menog Rmx) 10:35
04. Earworm - Mad as a Hatter 07:50
05. Khopat - Kobalt 07:29
06. Azax Snydrom - Live or Die 08:25
07. Brain Hunters - Immortal Species 08:24
08. Fiuzz and Hunters - Battle Sounds 07:40
09. Ignition - Last Person 06:58


VA - Solar Atmospheres 2009 Compiled By DJ Natron

While nowadays it often seems like all the Psy Trance labels either reduce the speed of their releases and turn to more and more body-orientated club sounds or crank up the tempo of their music to rather hectic levels, Solar Tech Records delivers an excellent selection of tunes that keeps the golden mean: With tracks between 142 and 145 BPM the music is powerful, driving and very psychedelic on the one hand but also progressive in the original meaning of the word and does not get stressful or kitschy at any point.

For this second compilation label owner DJ Natron extended his network of promising producers from South Africa, Switzerland, UK, Germany and South America and again presents some sparking pearls for original Psychedelic lovers.

Artist........ VA
Album......... Solar Atmospheres (Compiled By DJ Natron )
Genre......... Psychedelic
Catalog....... SOC1CD002
Medium........ CDDA
Encoder....... LAME 3.97
Bitrate....... VBRkpbs
Mode.......... Joint-Stereo
Store.Date.... 2009-07
Release.Date.. 2009-07-21
Tracks........ 09
Playtime...... 66:31 min
Release.Size.. 89,2 MB


01. J and B - Nitro 07:48
02. Corona and Chabunk - Earthcore 06:53
03. Polaris - Zion (Sinewave Remix) 07:28
04. Hyperion - Trance because the Dance 07:26
05. M Theory - Mr Witten 07:08
06. Ital - Tree Sign 07:44
07. Corona - Next Level 07:14
08. Freakulizer - Uncut 07:10
09. Chabunk - Beatlab 07:40


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sundose - Learning To Fly 2009

Tracklist :

01.- Sundose - In The Music
02.- Sundose vs. Faders - Rainbow Serpent
03.- Sundose - Loud and Clear (Vibe Tribe Rmx)
04.- Sundose - Learning to Fly
05.- Sundose - Disco Dancer (Ananda Shake Rmx)
06.- Sundose - Inside ur mind
07.- Sundose - Electrofeelia
08.- Sundose - Aspemia Dreams
09.- Sundose - Low Frequency

The long awaited debut album is finally ready!

So prepare your ears, heart and feet for a beautiful emotional and uplifting music full of exciting melodies, groovy beats, hypnotic sounds and vocals.

Sundose aka Avshalom (Avshi) Elmaleh, 27 from Tel Aviv, began his journey into trance at the age of 16, after 2 years of making music and DJ'ing around the country. He left the trance scene for a while and got drafted to the army.

Only after travelling the world at the years 2005 he decided 2 start making music again, after one year of studying and evolving his passion to trance music he open the project Sundose, his music can often be define as emotional melodic and sometimes GOA OLD School Style but in a more groovier way. There are not many Artists who follow their visions of music in such consistent and after many smashing hits that was released on many different labels he is finally releasing his debut album.

Be ready for an emotional, mystical and beautiful experience that will set your heart on fire and rest assured you will listen to this album again and again.


Soniq Vision - Noises In My Head 2009

Tracklist :

01. Electrified
02. Ecological
03. Melodix
04. Perfect Rave
05. Day Dreaming
06. Magical Journey
07. Outer Universe
08. If U Could B (Feat Ella)
09. Power Supply (Album Version)
10. Noises in my head (Feat Ella)

:Soniq Vision:

'Noises In My Head', Soniq Vision's debut album, is the perfect combination of power...

...and emotions, stretching the boundaries of full on music.

Starting with dance floor breakers like 'Ecological', 'Outer Universe' Continuing with long awaited monsters such as 'Electrified' and 'Magical Journey' new smashing beats of 'Perfect Rave', 'MelodiX', 'Daydreaming' and fresh versions to the massive hits 'Power Supply' and 'If U Could B' and ending with the electro experience of theme song 'Noises In My Head'. In other words - melodies that will melt your soul, rhythms that will stomp your feet and tons of power!

Soniq Vision is the perfect mix between two storming young talents of Dudu Zohar (24) (AKA Optical Vision) and Moshe Maman (27) (AKA InterSys). Coming from the trance kingdom of northern Israel, the two started collaborating in the beginning of 2007 after years of working on their other projects. The connection was immediate as they created their first smashing hit 'Power Supply'.

Be prepared for a massive brainstorm.


The Freak Show - Freaks Me Out 2009

Tracklist :

01. The Freak Show - Dream About Rome
02. The Freak Show - Here and There
03. The Freak Show - New Age
04. The Freak Show - Melodime
05. The Freak Show - A Force
06. Atomic Pulse - New World Order (Freak Show Rmx)
07. The Freak Show - Defionsion
08. Future Prophecy - Unisex (Freak Show Rmx)
09. The Freak Show - Melodrama
10. Popstream - Fueso De La Rumba (Freak Show Rmx)

Freak Shows are side attractions usually seen at fair grounds and carnivals and ...

... poses different skills and physical attributes making them an Attraction.

Itay Dangur and Etay Avraham AKA the Freak Show where both discovered at an early age on a dusty road leading to a fair ground, they were 12 years old. Since one was born with a synthesizer instead of one of his hands and the other was born as a music computer with 2 hands, they were constantly creating music as if it was flowing in their veins (what turned up to be true).

Very soon they realized that their future is not in the carnival business but on the dance floor after repeatedly causing carnival visitors to collapse after hours of dancing due to the 'uncontrolled dancing syndrome' (which was actually named after the duo and is known in the professional circuit as 'the Freak Show uncontrolled dance syndrome')

After breaking loose from the carnival scene the Freak show eased into the festival and party scene very naturally, and they fell in love with trance, which reminded them of the busy carnival life they experienced as children. With 2 Albums under their belt and numerous successful performances and releases, the freaks are ready with their 3rd album 'Freaks Me Out'

This album marks another elevation in the Freak Show style and production skills and you can see that their experiences around the world and the constant search for a bright new sound is paying off as they truly reinvent themselves in each new album.


CPC - Subliminal Messages 2009

Tracklist :

01. Intro
02. Kopenhagen
03. Squadazm
04. Essentuki
05. Mr S
06. Kamni
07. Nahpoh
08. Piter 26
09. Lizerd 23
10. Cycle

No Comment Records is a new independent label based in Warsaw/Poland.

After two long years of waiting here it comes, the 4th album of one of the best projects on scene - CPC himself!

New sound of CPC is different than everything you have heard so far. It brings you to the places you've never imagined that might exist. Following the best oldschool traditions it is presenting the spirit of music poetry.

Aim of this project is a wide promotion of psychedelic culture and it's creative representatives with their innovate conceptions. Founders of this project will focus on two independent streams: dark and full power, avoiding the mainstream.

Psychedelic masterpiece for mind travelers.

Download Option 1

Download Option 2

Cosmosis - Fumbling For The Funky Frequency 2009

Tracklist :

01 Cosmosis - Beguiling Illusions 08:06
02 Cosmosis - Self Discovery 08:11
03 Cosmosis - Space Traveller 07:50
04 Cosmosis - Siren Song 08:38
05 Cosmosis & Avalon - Take Flight 07:46
06 Cosmosis - Samba Del Gringo 08:59
07 Cosmosis & Quantica - Empty Space 08:26
08 Cosmosis - Beyond The Five Senses 08:14
09 Cosmosis - The Eternal Now 09:10

After releasing his sixth artist album in 2007, the very popular and successful Psychedelica melodica, Cosmosis has spent some of last two years touring it and playing worldwide at parties around the globe, appearing in Brazil, Mexico,Australia, Canada, South Africa, Israel, Russia, the United States, Japan and various countries around Europe.

Cosmosis now returns with a stunning collection of powerful quality tracks in this, the seventh Cosmosis artist album to date.

Taking Psychedelica Melodica as it's starting point, the music on The Funky Frequency continues to explore the new sonic territory created by combining emotive melodic fragments with trippy, psychedelic layered textures matched up with powerful imperative dancefloor grooves.

The Funky Frequency also features trademark rubbery Cosmosis bass lines and earthshaking sub bass grooves.

Cosmosis manages to keep the grooves sounding fresh and sophisticated by skilfully blending in syncopated 16th note funk as well as elements from other musical genres. There's also echoes of Cosmosis's Goa roots in the shape of a classic Goa victory tune 'The Eternal Now' the album's closing cut, as well as 'Beyond The Five Senses' which contain unmistakable fragments of Goa vibe, yet re-interpreted and energized by being re-worked up to monstrously fat modern production proportions. As well as featuring a couple of collaborations with his favorite two hot new producers Avalon and Quantica.

Once again Cosmosis pulls it off with ease and imbues his music with a twist that makes his sound identifiable as Cosmosis. No mean feat in a genre which the music all too often sounds bland and generic.

Download Option 1

Download Option 2

VA - Global Exposition Vol.2 Compiled By Mario-Such 2009

Tracklist :

01. G.M.S - Juice Remix (New Edit 2009)
02. Dynamic vs. Switch - Ampliefier
03. Perplex - Nn
04. Black & White feat. Michele Adamson - Deep Voice
05. Dynamic Volt - Super Stars
06. X-Noize - Relevance
07. Shanti - Synchronized World
08. System Nipel - Fallingup (Ultravoice Remix)
09. Liquid Soul - Adrenaline

Compiled by Mairo-Such.

Fineplay Records is considered as one of the Top 3 leading party organization in Japan. Fineplay was founded in 2002 by Shibayama Masaki, he is accompanied by Dj Dithforth, Dj Mairo-Such and Dj Jun.

Fineplay is known for its successful mega events throughout Japan, professionally managed and promoted, bringing in the needed fresh breeze to the extensive Japanese scene. A lot has been said about the Colorful, Rich, Hyped, Solid, Fascinating Japanese scene, which is without doubt a shining star and one of the globes main dance and psytrance capitols.


Outer Signal - Fabric Of Space 2009

Tracklist :

01. In Trance
02. Synchronizing
03. The Believer
04. Maniac Music
05. Transmission
06. Brain Wave
07. The Time Machine
08. The Human Mind
09. Fabric Of Space
10. MK 22

3D Vision proudly presents the first album from the Israeli duo; Outer Signal - Fabric Of Space.

Outer Signal are Gil Stolar and Lior Yosha. Both coming from a musical background, playing instruments like drums, percussion, guitars and keyboard. Around 2002 they started Djing at psytrance parties in Israel, Thailand and India. In the end of 2004 they got together and started to create their own psychedelic dancefloor sound, and collaborated with major international artists including; Digital Talk, Concept, Massive, and Abomination.

After various single releases on compilations by top psy lables like; 3D Vision, Timecode, Yabai, Beyond Logic, Digital Distortion and more, Outer Signal proudly presents their debut album featuring 10 new tracks, including collaboration with Bliss and the original version of 'Maniac Music' from 3D Vision compilation 'Sharp' by Absolum.

'Fabric Of Space' is a pure energy generating album, with uniqe vibe that creates psychedelic chaos on any dancefloor.


VA - Epicentre Compiled By Moonquake 2009

Tracklist :

1 - Mental Abstraction & The Spacebar - "The Vise"
2 - Rev - "Chatter"
3 - Shotu - "Acai"
4 - Archaic - "Breathing Techniques"
5 - EVP - "Dual Communication"
6 - Module - "Dirty Wing"
7 - Rastaliens vs Avalon - "UFoff"
8 - Occy - "Continuum"
9 - D-Root - "Renaissance"

This new project is the anticipated first compilation by Moonquake, French Hadra DJ who has been ripping UK dancefloors apart for the past six years. Tremendous efforts and research has been invested in this selection, which brings you nine psychedelic monster-tracks representing the very particular style of Moonquake’s DJ sets. Adopting the traditional concept of the label, he has combined the skills of internationally acclaimed artists, as well as up-and-coming Hadra producers and emerging local talents. Judging from the shockwaves these tunes have triggered on dancefloors, Epicentre is set to seriously affect anyone exposed to it!

The session starts off with an impressive track by Mental Abstraction & The Spacebar: an exciting debut for this French trio. Then, once again, Rev confirms his reputation with another exceptional creation. “Acai”, the new track by Hadra artist Shotu, for whom no introduction is necessary, is going to make you stomp with impatience for his upcoming second album. Archaic contributes to the tremor with a deep atmospheric production, while his teammate EVP graces us with his incomparable genius. The quality and diversity of the English underground scene is also well represented by Module, a South African producer based in Brighton. Then, the legendary Rastaliens join forces with the highly skilled Avalon to produce an exclusive bomb that will send you into orbit! New Hadra producer, Occy, makes a classy debut with his hypnotising “Continuum”. The commotion fades out with a progressive aftershock brewed by another artist from the label; D- Root leaves you begging for more.

The combination of all these diverse talents sends the quality-meter into the reds and gives this compilation a truly original touch. Without a shadow of a doubt, this CD is going to monopolize your player for quite some time. Do not hesitate for one second, dive deep into the Epicentre!


Digital Tribe - Between Dream And Reality 2009

Tracklist :

01. Digital Tribe - Pure Tonic 6:15
02. Digital Tribe - Every Single Sound 5:45
03. Digital Tribe-Between dream and reality 7:45
04. Digital tribe - Find My Mind ( Vs. System Chcek ) 7:23
05. Digital Tribe - Between The Beat 6:19
06. Digital Tribe - Fuckin beat 7:54
07. David Guetta - Love is Gone ( Digital Tribe Rmx ) 6:27
08. Xsi - The Vision ( Digital Tribe Vs. Crystal Sound Remix) 7:30


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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Psypsiq Jicuri - A New World - 2009

Artist: Psypsiq Jicuri
Album: A New World
Label: AP Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Morning Full On
Store.Date: Apr-00-2009
Rls.Date: May-01-2009
Catalogue: AP167
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 09
Playtime: 73:18 min

Tracklist :

01. A New World [08:30]
02. Buen Dia [08:31]
03. Mano Espectral [08:05]
04. You Make Me Shine [07:53]
05. Psychedelic Therapy [07:58]
06. Marijuana Society [08:28]
07. Flash Back [07:29]
08. Amanece [07:52]
09. Rio Magico [08:32]

After three years Psypsiq Jicuri (Luciano Salvo) is back with his second album: 'A New World', fresh Melodic Fullon sound made in Chile, with uplifting energy that will take you into a state of trance. The sound of Psypsiq Jicuri is a unique South American style of Morning-Psy-Trance which gives a deep impression of his culture matrix. For Luciano Salvo music is a salvation, a hope, a connection between souls. The music speaks for itself; every track tells its own story and has a feeling of peerless beauty.

The deep Hypnotic notes contain one's spirit, body and soul. Complex music that will make you dream and lose yourself in ecstatic dance. Jicuri means' sun's reflection 'or' son of the sun 'and that is exactly the vibe that gets through the music. While making his music Luciano focuses on an experience, a moment or a feeling. Since his early childhood Luciano is addicted to music, in his youth he joined a couple of Punk, Trip Hop and Hip Hop groups based in Chile and Mexico. In 1995 he discovered Psytrance, He started his work as DJ in 1997 and two years later he decided to produce his own tracks. After extensive work the first album of Psypsiq Jicuri was released in 2006 'A Rain of Hope in The Galaxy' with great international response.

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Ocelot - One - 2009 (Avatar Records)

Artist: Ocelot
Album: One
Label: Avatar Records
Genre: Chill Out
Style: Ambient / Psychedelic / Downtempo
Store.Date: Jun-04-2009
Rls.Date: Jun-05-2009
Catalogue: AVA056
Source: CDDA
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Cue: Yes
Tracks: 01
Playtime: 71:46 min
Size: 103,7 MB


01. Ocelot - Drifting Away
02. Ocelot - Londinium Chills
03. Ocelot - Cloud Cover
04. Ocelot - Organic
05. Ocelot - Rainbow Colors
06. Ocelot - Molasses
07. Ocelot - Slow Roast
08. Ocelot - Chunky Soup
09. Ocelot - Krauter Husli
10. Ocelot - Om Tare

With one' oCeLoT dares and goes one step further. Aaron Peacock has been taged as one of the more influental musicians to come out of America. After playing a major role in the San Francisco scene and 5 trance albums under his belt, oCeLoT comes from a different angle and a diffeternt stateggy. His approach has always been attacking at all fronts and pushing it all the way. The resalt is this dramatic and stunning chillout album that is eveything but predictable One' is organic. It is a living entity and an important stage of Aaron's carrere.

This, not only because it touched sides that were relatively obscured previously, but since ite comes from a totally different starting point. His brilliant collaboration with Irina Mikhailova is not surprising and delivers the resalt expected from an experienced duo at this scale. Like a rich fine wine that has been getting better and better after years in the bepth of the cellar. Aaron's music is sensual, precise and inteligent. Gifted with the abbility to project a picture throug sound is just another reason why oCeLoT is so graceful. It is obvious that Aaron does not hesitate for a moment and he knows exactly where he wants to go.

This year is an interesting one for ocelot and it seems that he is at a prosperos moment, rich with fruitfull creativity and Busy touring. Musicwise, Aaron is well versed and well traveled in many electronic styles and displays them here in a peacfull way. The primary modus operandi for this album, however, is downtempo colored with just a slight path of psychoactive trace. The individual atmospheres build from drones and intertwine to create his peacfull reefs. One' is a trend free album that expresses Aaron's honnest concern about earth and it's future, an issue troubles out sociaty and seems relevant at this time more than ever.

His simple message carries a wakeup call for unity. For Aaron, doing a chillout album was just a question of time. From what it sounds, it will stand the test of time honorabbly as it prooves that oCeLoT is not only a trance music mastermind. This is one of oCeLoTs deeper works and the horizon for him shows friendly signs.

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Side Liner - Crying Cities - 2009

Artist: Side Liner

Title: Crying Cities

Type: Album

Label: Cosmicleaf Records


Genre: Chill Out

Style: Ambient / Downtempo

Release Date: Jan-17-2009

Store Date: Jan-16-2009

Medium: CDDA

Catalog Nr: CLCD014

Encoder: Lame 3.97

Grabber: EAC 0.95 beta 4

Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz

Mode: Joint-Stereo

Tracks: 10

Length: 01:06:22 min

Size: 152.2 MB

A music story for the future of big cities and their citizens' dreams! Nick Miamis loyal on his annual music report, bring us his forth Side Liner album. A concept about the future of big cities, a future that maybe has already come! Emotional patterns and soundtrack atmospheres, a kaleidoscope of sounds from downtempo to chill out, from breaks to ambient, under crystal production and the unique side liner style.

A fantastic journey through the melancholy of music with soft and hard moments. Including collaborations from artists as D.Batistatos, Zero Cult, Cydelix, Red Eye Express and Secret Sound Labs. Join the chilling shade of our cosmic leaves.

Crying Cities continues the journey through sublime textures that hopscotch between comforting warmth and oblique menace. Running the gamut from ambient to breaks, the album soars through a 10 dreamy soundscapes where Sideliner's chilling vision of the future collides head-on with the realities of a perplexing modern world. Saturated with ponderous melodies and glowing with brooding reflection, Crying Cities is a trusty companion as you sleepwalk through a domain of rasping beats, velvet synths and diabolic rushes and out into the cold unknown future.

"...Side Liner's offering is a sonic fragrance to seduce our senses and expand the mind into the realms of primordial recognition. Mesmerizing chill out style, brilliant production and a highly recommended release for timeless travelers..."

"...Euphoric and emotional it certainly is, but the crisp, intelligent and varied drum programming alone puts this well above overcooked commercial ambient trance comps for the cafe set. Rhythmically there's elements of electro, breakbeat, dub and 4/4 dance. Layered and strongly melodic, at its best the deep lushness of Side Liner's music is brilliantly
balanced with spiky sounds, odd machine noises and percussive stabs all deployed in a very musical way..."

"...the fantastic kind of melody which enters to the Greek myth,being mysterious,formed by organic sound effect & dramatic psychedelic downbeat..."

"...exotic, chilled back journeys to the fairytale world of the subconscious..."

"...What kind of a working environment inspire artists to make music? It must have a big effect on the final musical product. Side Liner, who lives amidst the beautiful blue Greek sky and ocean, harnesses these natural elements into his music to make deep and moving "mind traveling" music. This music helps people to forget the hustle and bustle of city life by conveying the fullness of life to stressed listeners and is definitely recommended..."

Tracklist :

01 Crying Cities 06:37
02 Highway Dreams 06:11
03 Old Neighborhood 06:50
04 Dead End 06:33
05 Camera Obscura 06:37
06 Violet Room (Remix for Zero Cult) 06:45
07 Tall Stories 07:15 (Remix for D.Batistatos)
08 2222 (Prostranstvo 2008 Edit) 07:15
09 Urban Haze 05:41
10 Crying Cities Remix (Cydelix's Ambient Version) 06:38

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