Friday, May 27, 2011

Heterogenesis - Revoluciones Maquinicas (Dark Prisma Records)

"Revoluciones Maquinicas" is the debut album of Heterogenesis, the combination of Pragmatix and Cosmos Vibrations. Created with the intention of using art as a revolutionary and spiritual path. Expressed in 10 tracks, this pleasant psychedelic trip is a new approach to the morning experience, filled with divine melodies, alien percussions and groovy basslines. With the clear intention of erasing any boundaries or divisions in psychedelic trance, we decided to offer you our perspective on the bright side. We believe that differences keep us apart and with this album we wish to go back to what this music used to be called: psychedelic trance, alien music for an alien revolution. This cd was mastered by Artifakt at Timecode studios.

Artist: Heterogenesis
Title: Revoluciones Maquinicas
Label: Dark Prisma
Release: August, 2007

Track Listing:

01. Entrando A La Via Organica (Intro)
02. Constelacion Armonica
03. Danzando Fuera De La Mente
04. Despertando El Espiritu
05. Silencio Interior
06. Universos Incorporales
07. El Espiral Hacia La Eternidad
08. Campo Molecular
09. Conciencia Multidimensional
10. Abstraccion Subjetiva


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