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Electrypnose - Shape Seeker (2010)

Artist: Electrypnose
Title Of Album: Shape Seeker
Year Of Release: nov-25-2010
Label: Digital Psionics
Genre: Psychedelic
Bitrate: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Total Time: 73:25 min
Total Size: 133,6 MB

Tracklist :

01.Wa In Florentin 07:39
02.Sucre En Poudre 08:02
03.Minimoule Du Dimanche 08:50
04.Pumpy Sunday 06:53
05.Seeking The Shape 07:27
06.Digitally Imported 05:07
07.Good Oldies 07:53
08.Self Respect 08:03
09.Erimesa (Remix) 07:03
10.1 Fusion 06:28


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Electrypnose - Magnetic Memoirs (2010)

Style: Psytrance, Psychedelic
Released: 20 Apr. 2010
Playtime: 77:24 min.
Size: 109 MB


01 Electrypnose - Let the Games Begin
02 Yab Yum vs. Electrypnose - Freeze
03 Chromatone vs. Electrypnose - Paganoize
04 Electrypnose - Ornic (Random rmx)
05 Zapata & Elendil & Electrypnose - Destriplaids
06 Cerebral Factory - Punition Astrale
07 Cerebral Factory - Disturbed (Electrypnose rmx)
08 Energy Loop vs. Electrypnose - Dontkillme
09 Electrypnose - Tricky Noise
10 Electrypnose - A Sun Burning Far Away

Electrypnose - Sweet Sadness (2010)

The second ambient album by Electrypnose.

Vince le Barde, aka Electrypnose, is probably
best known as a dark trance producer.But Suntrip
will prove, like others did before, that he is a
super talented artist who loves to explore other
types of electronic music as well!

The result we offer is a second ambient album by
Electrypnose called 'Sweet Sadness'! The first
one, 'Subliminal Melancholies', was released in
2006 and got superb feedback. This sequel gives
us more sensitive soundscapes, piano-led
melodies, sinister atmospheres and weird rhythms!

Sweet Sadness is a really diverse album. Some of
the tracks are very chilled, almost rhythmless
while others are more traditional ambient, modern
classical music or even electro-influenced
downtempo! What makes all these tracks so unique
is Electrypnose's ability to create music with a
soul. Because of that the music is perfect to lie
down and dream away. Will you join us?

Label : Suntrip Records

Country : Belgium

Released : 24 Sep 2010

Genre : Electronic

Style : Downtempo, Ambient

Artwork By - Ayalien

Mastered By - Tim Schuldt

Written-By, Producer - Vince Le Barde

Written and Produced @ Electrypnose Studio, Wallis, Switzerland.

Distribution by Arabesque.


01. A5sention 07:06
02. Histoire d'Histoire 05:56
03. A Part Of Myself Is Somewhere Else 05:32
04. Sady 08:22
05. Triste Gaite 08:46
06. A Wasp At The Fairies 02:23
07. Out There 07:36
08. Triste Vie 06:51
09. Perle De Vie 08:56
10. Dramatic Orchestra 06:09
11. El Cornio (Second Chapter) 05:41
12. Peurs Et Pleures 04:16

Electrypnose - Subliminal Melancholies (2006)

Label : Ajana Records

Country : Germany

Released : 26 Jun 2006

Genre : Electronic

Style : Downtempo, Ambient

Design [Cover] - Knightmanproductions

Mastered By - Tim Schuldt

Producer, Written-By - Vin's Le Barde

Mastered @ 4CN Studios, Germany

All tracks w&p by Vince @ Electrypnose Laboratory (Switzerland) except track #3 made in the Brazilian jungle.

℗+© Ajana Records


01. Submarine - 8:44
02. Neverending Story - 6:15
03. Cordial Family - 6:20
04. Mountains Landscape - 6:14
05. Entre Palmeras - 6:17
06. Tripad - 6:25
07. Rozococie - 7:41
08. Bozom - 6:38
09. New Wave - 4:47
10. This Is The Beginning - 6:00
11. 00-16 - 5:02


Friday, November 19, 2010

Yab Yum - Nocturnal Emissions (2006)

'Nocturnal Emissions' is Yab Yum's debut album released in 2006. 'Yab Yum' is Ajja & Gaspard, two musicians, two sets of creative energy, influenced by each other & fusing in a whole that is greater then the sum of its parts.

Gaspard has been DJing and organizing parties for 9 years. He started as DJ Throbbe and played with Psyberpunk Corp. Today, he is DJ Gaspard for his night-time psychedelic trance sets and DJ Equilibrium for his floating ambient mixes.

Ajja has been a musician all his life. Growing up in the world-famous tattooing Leu family and travelling across the world has given him a strong creative drive. Although he lived in Goa when trance was coalescing, the jadedness of the scene turned him away from electronic music for many years. He accumulating a major body of original non-trance material as a by-product.

In 1998 Gaspard came in for a tattoo in Ajja's shop and they became fast friends. During the next few years Gaspard helped refuel Ajja's love of trance by dragging him out to psychedelic parties across Switzerland. Their first performance together, at the Psyberpunk Naturalp Festival in November 2002, consisted of Gaspards DJ set, live percussion & live fx by Ajja. Later that year, they toured Australian festivals - Outback Eclipse, Rainbow Serpent & Exodus.

In the summer of 2003, Gaspard and Ajja in collaboration with visual artist Tanina Munchkina & musician Master Margherita created Peak Records - Switzerlands first psy-trance label! Performing together with the P.G.C (an organic-trance live-act of which Ajja is a founding member) through the summer of 2004, revealed high compatibility between Gaspard & Ajja ranging from very similar tastes in music to humour, partying & psychedelic philosophy.

The next logical step was the formation of their own live act: Yab Yum. So Logic was bought, laptops were tuned up & they got down to business: Ajja bringing his knowledge of instruments and frequencies and Gaspard, a strong sense of dance-floor dynamics from his experience as a DJ & sound engineer.

This combination has produced many strong, psychedelic, dance oriented tracks, that have been greatly appreciated by trancers everywhere. Yab Yum have been released on respected labels worldwide & have released their debut album "Nocturnal Emissions" on Peak Records in December 2006.

In June 2008, due to personal reasons, Dj Gaspard played his last gig with Yab Yum. Since then, Ajja has taken on the project on his own, and is currently performing in parties and festivals around the globe.

Tracklist :

01. Multiball
02. Wou
03. Labium
04. Mind my Nipples
05. Nocturnal Emissions
06. Compliant
07. Yodel
08. Conjoint Twin Myslexia
09. Disconnect
10. Dr Ruthless

Download Part 1 ; Part 2

The Peaking Goddess Collective - Organika (2007)

Artist........ The Peaking Goddess Collective
Album......... Organika
Genre......... Ambient
Label......... Peak Records
Hyperlink..... http://www.peakrec.com/
Catalog....... PEA1CD013
Medium........ CDDA
Encoder....... LAME 3.97
Bitrate....... VBRkpbs
Mode.......... Joint-Stereo
Store.Date.... 2007-08
Release.Date.. 2007-08-21
Playtime...... 67:02 min


01. Hyperspace 08:40
02. Love & Pea 07:56
03. Star Peace 08:35
04. Secret Fire 09:35
05. Rolling 09:17
06. Ishtar 08:04
07. Being Transformation (feat. Alex Grey) 07:43
08. Arcana (Live Jam feat. Tanina Munchkina) 07:12


Ajja - Psychogenica (2007)

In a world that is spiralling faster every day, 'Psychogenica' is a reassuring breath of 144bpm based psychedelic trance.

Fusing his experience as Peak Record's label manager with a dancefloor diploma from his Yab Yum project and his prog-trance pedigree as a founding member of The Peaking Goddess Collective, Ajja has a PhD in psychedelic trance that will gently remind any dancefloor of the most important lesson: we are here to groove!

'Psychogenica' is 11 funky tracks arranged in such a way as to encourage you to trance and dance, keeping you solidly grounded while you spiral to the sonic seat of the soul.

Ajja starts at 144 and keeps it steadily there for most of the album, dazzling and delighting you constantly with his grooves and keeping you interested without the need for speed. In the last quarter, the pace is upped to 146bpm for some more twisted tracks that are reminiscent of Yab Yum, before levelling off to 145bpm for the last track, a hypnotic piece that cleanses you with its hauntingly beautiful outro and leaves you refreshed, replenished and ready to hit repeat on your cd player!

Featuring mind-blowing art by Ajja's brother, Filip Leu, combined with resident Peak Record's visual artist Tanina Munchkina and Ajja's own visionary digital work, 'Psychogenica' is a feast for the eyes that will stand out in any cd collection.

'Psychogenica' will get you bopping instantly and fill your brain with searing flashes of sunshine. This is music that wants to play with your body, while your mind is distracted by a seamless sea of sequenced synchronicity.

Danger! May get stuck in your head and cd player!

Tracklisting :

1. Tripmunch (7:26)
2. Romance In A6 (6:54)
3. Juicy Shrooms (6:53)
4. Funklestiltskin (6:26)
5. Spitfire (6:55)
6. Lingus Khan (6:58)
7. We Are All Aliens (7:20)
8. Archetype (7:13)
9. Solar (6:44)
10. Spikedelic (7:10)
11. Peripheral Visions (7:20)

Download Part 1 ; Part 2

Hyper Frequencies - Phantasmatika (2007)

Syncronize Records is proud and happy to present ‘Phantasmatika ‘, the epic, full-length second album of French psychedelic wizard Hyper Frequencies. Four years after his debut solo album ‘Red Crystal Moon’ gave us an insight into his particular, unique and colourful multiverse, Hyper Frequencies is back with his new release ‘Phantasmatika’. A deep psychedelic opus even more promising and original !

Two years of production, editing, and frequent testing on trancefloors around the world, manifested in ten tracks that perfectly represent Hyper Frequencies’ phantasmagorical multiverse. Chimerical, tribal, organic and mystic, ‘Phantasmatika’ provides an immediate take-off on-board the fantasy spaceship… Let yourself be tranceported! And while on this psychosideral trip, discover a world where frequencies, rhythms, waveforms, oscillators and LFO, cross and mix to create a positive, deep and magical emotion…

Artist…….. Hyper Frequencies
Album……… Phantasmatika
Genre……… Psychedelic
Label……… Syncronize Records
Hyperlink….. http://www.syncronizerecords.com/
Catalog……. SNRCD002
Medium…….. CDDA
Encoder……. LAME 3.97
Bitrate……. VBRkpbs
Mode………. Joint-Stereo
Store.Date…. 2007-12
Release.Date.. 2007-12-14
Tracks…….. 10
Playtime…… 77:17 min

:: Tracklist ::

1 Hyper Frequencies – Twisted Latitude
2 Hyper Frequencies – Phantasmatika
3 Hyper Frequencies – Party Cannibal
4 Hyper Frequencies – Adrenokrohm
5 Hyper Frequencies – Help Me
6 Hyper Frequencies – The Dark Side
7 Hyper Frequencies – Rhythms Of Peace Part 2
8 Hyper Frequencies – Deep Hypnosis
9 Hyper Frequencies – Organix
10 Hyper Frequencies – Voices Of Peace

Download Part 1 ; Part 2

Friday, November 5, 2010

Laughing Buddha : Sacred Technology (2010) ~ Nano Records

Having toured extensively over the past few years, Laughing Buddha is ready and waiting to expose you to the rolling baselines and hard-hitting sounds from his debut solo album 'Sacred Technology' on Nano Records.

This highly anticipated album, which has received some great feedback from dance floors everywhere, is a true treat from one half of the ex- Cosmosis duo, Jeremy van Kampen.

In true Laughing Buddha style, this album will leave you wearing a huge grin for days on end.

Tracklist :

01 - Sacred Technology Original Mix 09:45
02 - The Acid Test Original Mix 07:52
03 - Tube O Tron Original Mix 07:03
04 - Freaking Out Original Mix 07:42
05 - Audio Rodeo Original Mix 07:18
06 - We Are Not Alone Original Mix 06:58
07 - Reefer. Part 2 Original Mix 06:38
08 - The Pill Original Mix 08:10
09 - Space Race Original Mix 07:42

Monday, November 1, 2010

Avalon - Distant Futures (2010) ~ Nano Records

Tracklist :

01. Avalon - Avalon / Play It Bahia
02. Avalon - Avalon Vs Dickster / Into The New World
03. Avalon - Avalon / Teleporter
04. Avalon - Avalon Vs Cosmosis / Destiny Awaits (Avalon Rmx)
05. Avalon - Avalon Vs G-Nome / Funky Voodoo
06. Avalon - Avalon / Out There
07. Avalon - Avalon Vs Tristan / Another Planet
08. Avalon - Avalon / Swamp Funk
09. Avalon - Avalon / Distant Futures
10. Avalon - Avalon / Opus Pokus

"Distant Futures” is the debut album from ʻAvalonʼ, the exciting new solo project from Leon Kane (ex-member of Reality Grid on Wildthings Records).

Having played in over 20 countries at some of the biggest festivals worldwide like Tribe, Glade, Universo Paralello and Burning man, the Avalon name has gained a huge reputation for dance-floor satisfaction, not to mention experience from some of the best events around. His unique style is captured right from track one and takes you on a rip-roaring, mind-melting journey. The Avalon sound is full on with expertly implied melodies, driving basslines, hard hitting percussion and evocative sound-design, all resulting in a top-class album, sure to be marked as a 'classic' Trance album for the rest of time.

Not only has Avalon put down some massive solo tunes that are sure fire winners for 'Distant Futures', but he has also got the nod from some of the UK's most influential producers such as Tristan, Dickster and Cosmosis who have in turn collaborated with him on tracks for this amazing debut album. Added to all this is some supreme mastering by Ido Ophir aka Domestic, ensuring a quality release of the highest order.

Download (170 mb)

(FLAC ~ 512 mb)

Archaic : Wildness Promo 2008 ~ WildThings Records

TrackList :

1. Anaconta (rmx)

2. Deep in forest

3. Circle of stones

4. Vortex

5. Zeus

6. Wildness

7. Wolves

8. Cosmic Rays

9. Tree Spirits

10. Hidden Reality

WildThings Records are delighted to bring to the psychedelic world of dance music our new signed artist project from the mountains of Greece. 'Archaic' aka Kostas 'lori' Konstantinos has brought a great new addition to the WildThings sound with his debut album 'Wildness'.

It delves into and organic earthy world of groove and rhythm, with shamanic overtones and purity of sound which unfolds into a slick production of cleanly manipulated synthesis and masterfully concocted psychedelic soundscapes.It will send you into a positive world of trance and harmony.

His debut album 'Wildness' is a selection of 10 tracks which brings us a great introduction to his sound and is sure to be a winning formula for DJ's worldwide. His music has been tried and tested in Greece and on the international circuit with fantastic results, creating positive energy everywhere its been played.

Kostas has spent many years mastering the art of music production and now his sound is ready to bring to the music lovers of the world. His own passion for the psychedelic style of music stemmed from his time spent in London in the early 90's, where he got tuned into the sound and also the UK scene.

He then took this experience back to Greece where he became a pioneer in the Greek scene known as Dj lori.

Since then he has stepped out of the Dj world and into music production where he is sure to have a floor stomping, successful and happy career.

Psychedelic Cosmos

Psychedelic Adventure

Mayan Prophecy 2012

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