Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Alienn - One (EP) 2011

Artist: Alienn
Title: One EP
Label: Hypergate Records
Genre: Full-On Psy, Psytrance, Beatport
Date: Nov 2011
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 55MB


01 One 7:35
02 Th Access 8:00
03 Chemicl Kinetic 8:03


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Heterogenesis - Invisible Essence EP (2011)

Artist: Heterogenesis
Title: Invisible Essence EP
Label: Rizoma Records
Genre: Full-On Psy, Psytrance
Date: June 2011
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 64MB

Tracklist :

01. Another Reality
02. Earthlings
03. Freedom Over Love
04. Inmortality


VA - Peakological (2011)

Artist: VA
Title: Peakological
Label: Peak Records
Genre: Full-On Psy, Psytrance
Date: Nov 2011
Bitrate: VBRkbps
Size: 136MB


01 Ajja & Tanina – Zero Point (Intro) 01:50
02 Illegal Sensations – Dose The Caterpillar 07:00
03 Southwild – Dr. Feelgood 07:09
04 Psymmetrix & Satya – Chunky Business 06:45
05 Rev – When It Is! (Illegal Machines Remix) 07:43
06 Ajja & Apex – But Why? 07:17
07 Synthetik Chaos & Mons – Dr. Strange (Remix) 07:04
08 Ajja & Apex – That’s Egg 06:45
09 E.V.P. – Morphogenetic Ascent 07:49
10 Vertical – Lunar Scum 05:55
11 Kykeon & Karash – Mental Disease 07:30
12 Master Margherita – The Core (Outro) 02:06


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dissociactive - Total Transformation (2010)

Artist: Dissociactive
Title: Total Transformation
Label: Sun Station Records
Genre: Full-On Psy, Dark Psy, Psytrance
Date: Feb-18-2010
Bitrate: VBRkbps
Size: 106MB


01. 3000 Modulations 08:47
02. Bioreaction 07:42
03. The Bog 07:29
04. Time Sphere 10:00
05. Stalker 08:19
06. Cinder 08:13
07. Unga Bakatunga 07:19
08. Lissa In Wonderland 07:24
09. 25th Frame Effect 07:33


Safi Connection - Prince Of Paranoia (2002)

Artist: Safi Connection
Title: Prince of Paranoia
Label: Spectrum Records
Genre: Full-On Psy, Psytrance
Date: July-29-2002
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 133MB


1 Impact 8:05
2 Desert 7:58
3 Deep Space 8:20
4 Kaimera 8:19
5 Prince Of Paranoia 8:25
6 Monster DNA (Remix) 9:21
7 Dream Way 7:01
8 Illegal Alien 7:01
9 Total Experience 7:57


Monday, November 14, 2011

VA - A Pocket Full Of Research (2011)

Artist: VA
Title: A Pocket Full Of Research
Label: Woo Dog Records
Genre: Dark Psy, Psytrance
Date: July 2011
Bitrate: VBRkbps
Size: 142MB


01. Mole – Your Meat My Finger [07:43]
02. Overdream – Rising Above The Wastelands [07:52]
03. Atomgrinder – The Other Other White Meat [07:32]
04. Analogical – Bubonic [07:08]
05. ZZ Bing – Calculus [07:16]
06. Sprocket – Sweet Filth [07:43]
07. Chris Rich – Altered States [06:28]
08. Loose Connection – Woo-Gigity [07:25]
09. Skyhighatrist – Showtime In Toytown [07:24]
10. Tom Ellis – Brain Freeze [06:39]


Friday, September 23, 2011

VA - Gaiascension (2011)

Artist: VA
Title: Gaiascension
Label: Moonloop Records
Genre: Psytrance
Date: April 2011
Bitrate: CBR 320 kbps
Size: 152MB
Length: 1:08:06

Track Listing:

1. Happy Times - FLOATING POINT
3. Projection - CRYSTAL MONKEY
6. Blip Blop - KARASH
7. Off Radar - JOCID
8. Plug'n'Play - LIQUID DISKO
9. Pow Wow - LUNARAVE


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ianuaria - Da Capo Al Fine (2007)

Ianuaria, born in 1981 in Austria, is a dj since 1996 and is producing his own music since 2002. He started his musical career at the age of 6. As a drummer he visited the music school for eleven years and played in various kinds of ensembles.

In the 90's he started off as a DJ. He bought his first psytrance record and directly fell in love with this kind of music. He became familiar with the scene and several years ago, he and some friends started organizing parties for their own association 'Klangbewusstsein'.

Ianuaria - Da Capo Al Fine
Year: 2007
Label: Hardboiled Records
Genre: Psytrance
Size: 90mb


1 Tree Of Life 7:17
2 Ups Wrong Number 6:46
3 Just For Funky Freakz 6:36
4 Digital Meditation 8:29
5 Pure Mescaline 6:54
6 Psywalker 6:56
7 Spiritual Comic 6:49
8 Dual Brainwash 7:37
9 Into The Outside 7:08
10 Hamtidamti 7:09
11 Pumuckel´s World 7:38

Producing his own music has always been a dream for Ianuaria. After deejaying for many years, he started producing psychedelic trance in 2002. After spinning around Ianuaria is in great demand and one of the most successful producers in Austria.

The type of music he produces can be best described as groovy, with apositive mystic vibe and trippy, catchy elements.

A must have for every DJ.


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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Archaic - Sonic Driving (2011) ~ Wildthings Records

Wildthings Records bring you Archaic's eagerly anticipated second album Sonic Driving. Archaic's music combines the mystical organic sounds of the natural world with the synthetic processed sounds of the digital world and this album takes you on that journey, a voyage full of hypnotic, shamanic atmospheres and effected modulating rhythms and up beat grooves.

Artist: Archaic
Album: Sonic Driving
Year: 2011
Genre: Psychedelic
Tracks: 11
Playtime: 1 hour, 11 minutes, 26 seconds
Bitrate: 262 Kbps
Size: 136.25 Mb


1. Archaic – Intro
2. Archaic – Owl Trip
3. Archaic – Hypereal
4. Archaic – Holographic Ideas
5. Archaic – Spirits of Rainforest
6. Archaic – Sonic Driving
7. Archaic – Deep Cave
8. Archaic – Metamorphosis
9. Archaic – Creepy Frequencies
10. Archaic – Transpersonal
11. Archaic – Moonlight

With 'Sonic Driving', he has created a harder hitting, more twilight feel to the album compared to his first release, Wildness, whilst still using many of the familiar techniques that made his music very popular amongst listeners. His ability of manipulating sound and composition has stemmed from his 10 years of music production and this style of sound that Archaic has created has been influenced from his love of nature and shamanism, and from his many years in the music industry, stemming back through his early years involved in the Indie and Punk scene, through the Goa era, up to this present day. His music has evolved greatly through out his time in Wildthings and this has brought him ever increasing international success and acclaim in the underground scene. He has been playing at many parties and festivals through out Europe, tuning people into this Wild shamanic digital sound he loves.

Enjoy Sonic Driving, produced in the Greek mountains by Kostas Kanlis for dance floors and ears worldwide.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

VA - Hadracadabra 4 (2009)

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Hadracadabra 4
Year Of Release: 21.02.2009
Label: Hadra Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Bitrate: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Total Time: 75:09 min
Total Size: 101,98 MB

Tracklist :

01. Kularis - Timemover 06:54
02. Atomic Pulse Vs Shanti - Extended Vision Chapter 2 (Fatali & Atomic
Pulse Remix) 08:16
03. Snorkies - Ding Ding 07:29
04. Reality Grid - Pionealer 06:52
05. Shotu vs Rev - Buggy bouncer 06:26
06. EVP vs Shotu - Lost Hardware (Shotu Remix) 07:23
07. Barack - Space Shock 07:59
08. A-Team - Taam shel Paam 08:55
09. D-Root - Eruption 07:54
10. Sensifeel - Crime Business 07:01

After a very busy year and an unforgettable festival, Hadra Records is back
with the fourth part of the Hadracadabra series; covering one more time the
whole psychedelic trance spectrum with 10 previously unreleased tracks.

This new compilation gives us the opportunity to hear new tunes by some of
the finest international artists such as Atomic Pulse, A-Team or Reality Grid
who came to play at our events.

Of course, it also allows us to discover the latest productions and
collaborations of the Hadra artists. Shotu is offering high-quality
collaborations with EVP and Rev, Barak produced another track of his very own

This new release also gives us an introduction to the work of very talented
D-Root, Hadra's first progressive live act, and The Snorkies, Shotu's side
project with Occy.

In short, this compilation is a safe bet that will surprise you! Just let
yourself get carried away!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Neutral Motion : Inextricably Linked (2011) ~ WildThings Records

Wildthings Records bring you our next artist debut album release 'Inextricably Linked' by Japanese artist Neutral Motion.

Teppei Nishimura, (Neutral Motion), has been living in London for the last 5 years learning the art of psychedelic composition, then exploding the London Trance scene with it, with fantastic results. London's psychedelic trance movement hasn't had a Japanese artist of such popularity for experimental sound since Tsuyoshi Suzuki in the 90's and this album will add fresh light to Japanese influence within this cutting edge dance music scene. The Album has been majorly influenced from the sound emulating from within the London Underground scene, and its fully vibrant edge brings this UK sound into new sonic realms with this selection of Psychadigital night time music. Teppei has added the quirkiness that Japan offers combined with the full grooving fat bass lines and positive mindset that Wildthings specialize in and dance floors love. Having played most weekends at dance parties in London, the music has been tweaked and tested to satisfy and energize the international dance floors found there. Neutral Motion has proven to be a key figure in the London scene due to his dedication to underground trance music and this album will bring his sound to the greater global masses who seek powerful dance music with mind bending frequencies combined with positive mental direction. Neutral Motion is indeed an inspiring artist for Wildthings Records and we hope you enjoy his Inextricably Linked voyage through sound.

Artist: Neutral Motion
Title: Inextricably Linked
Label: Wildthings Records
Genre: Full-On Psy, Psytrance
Date: Feb-23-2011
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz/Joint-Stereo


01. Neutral Motion – Grey Dream [02:08]
02. Neutral Motion – Enthusiasm Gap [08:20]
03. Neutral Motion – Mag.Net [06:48]
04. Neutral Motion – Yano Mami [06:42]
05. Neutral Motion – Jaras Head [06:51]
06. Neutral Motion – Tipping Point [06:47]
07. Neutral Motion – Geometrically Carved Brain [06:55]
08. Neutral Motion – Inside The Cave [06:28]
09. Neutral Motion – Abstract [07:38]
10. Neutral Motion – Incredibly Enjoyable Experience [07:37]

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Cosmos Vibration : Unknown Universe

Cosmos Vibration is a project of Alejo Galvan from Argentina his style goes from groovy bases with trippy melodies, psychedelic sounds and solid percussions to experiment a fluid journey into the abstract dimension and inviting the cosmic dance.

He also has a parallel project with Jorge Uema (Pragmatix) called Heterogenesis in which he traveled to many places playing in important festivals like Universo Paralello (Brazil), Transcendence (Brazil), For a do Tempo (Brazil), Moonflower (Patagonia Argentina), Monte Mapu (Chile) sharing the stage with many exponents of the psytrance scene like Kox Box, Commercial Hippies, Logic Bomb and more.

Tracklist :

1 Landscapes of freedom
2 Organic Dreams
3 The eye of Gaia
4 Electromagnetismo
5 Life Equation
6 Expancion Infinita
7 Intensidad Sonica (Cosmos Vibration rmx) - Pragmatix
8 The other is dreaming us
9 Tolteca Mushrooms


Friday, May 27, 2011

Heterogenesis - Revoluciones Maquinicas (Dark Prisma Records)

"Revoluciones Maquinicas" is the debut album of Heterogenesis, the combination of Pragmatix and Cosmos Vibrations. Created with the intention of using art as a revolutionary and spiritual path. Expressed in 10 tracks, this pleasant psychedelic trip is a new approach to the morning experience, filled with divine melodies, alien percussions and groovy basslines. With the clear intention of erasing any boundaries or divisions in psychedelic trance, we decided to offer you our perspective on the bright side. We believe that differences keep us apart and with this album we wish to go back to what this music used to be called: psychedelic trance, alien music for an alien revolution. This cd was mastered by Artifakt at Timecode studios.

Artist: Heterogenesis
Title: Revoluciones Maquinicas
Label: Dark Prisma
Release: August, 2007

Track Listing:

01. Entrando A La Via Organica (Intro)
02. Constelacion Armonica
03. Danzando Fuera De La Mente
04. Despertando El Espiritu
05. Silencio Interior
06. Universos Incorporales
07. El Espiral Hacia La Eternidad
08. Campo Molecular
09. Conciencia Multidimensional
10. Abstraccion Subjetiva


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Saturday, April 16, 2011

VA - Firestarter (2011)

Artist: VA
Title: Firestarter
Label: Feeless Records
Genre: Night, Dark, Forest
Date: April 2011
Bitrate: FLAC (Lossless)
Size: 516 MB (Per file: 158/196/162)
Length: 78.23

Track List :

01. Anix Gleo - Intro'fon 03:38
02. Anix Gleo - Light In A Web 08:03
03. Pantomiman - Drummer 06:12
04. Shotu - Valrec 06:40
05. Spatial Feature - Twilight 08:54
06. Fata Morgana - Tango Des Doods 06:03
07. Ajja - Engage 07:24
08. Whrikk - Modom Fos 07:38
09. Furious And Cadans - Shokoladniy Plushkin 07:32
10. Samadhi - Maya Starter 09:11
11. Parasense And Zolod - Lavash Trip 07:13

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fungus Funk - F People (2006)

Artist: Fungus Funk
Álbum: F People
Type: Album
Date: 2006
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Dark
Label: Acidance Records
Country: Russia
Length: 1:08:44
Quality: VBR kbps


01. It's Time To Wake Up
02. Extra Active
03. Synthetic News
04. F People
05. Mushroom Lunch
06. Pop On
07. Ten-Dances
08. Harmful And Wrong
09. Yumi (Final Edit)
10. Child's Dream

Download (Torrent)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fungus Funk - Electric Grooves (2010)

Please welcome a brand new album by the Russian maestro of psytrance Sergey Prilepa aka FUNGUS FUNK. Having established himself as one of the best psytrance artists to ever come out of Russia, FUNGUS FUNK is today a house brand famous for his powerful and catchy tunes around the world - from Western
Europe to the far reaches of Asia, from the North American continent to the Australian outback. Having already released 2 highly acclaimed albums - F People on Acidance (2006) and Vostok 1 with Samadhi on Blitz Studios (2008), Sergey's third album ELECTRIC GROOVES is here to seal the deal! Over the years
FUNGUS FUNK has played his memorable live sets all over the planet at prestigious festivals such as Transcendence in Brazil, Boom in Portugal, Solar Eclipse in Turkey, Sky Gravity in Crimea and Sonica in Italy to name just a few. Needless to say, this awesome new album is a must have in full quality for any admirer of top-notch electronic dance music. ELECTRIC GROOVES features FUNGUS FUNK's totally fresh and unreleased solos as well as 3 amazing collaboration tracks with SULIMA, SORROWMURK and DIGITAL DIMENSIONS. The album has been expertly mastered by FUNGUS FUNK himself !


01. Under Control 07:34
02. The Shot (part 1) 08:11
03. Hypersaw 07:36
04. Acid 'n' Roll 08:02
05. Lost Emotions 06:37
06. Real Jam 08:32
07. Empty Your Mind 07:29
08. Fantasy Lab 06:41
09. Electric Grooves 07:44
10. The Shot (part 2) 08:02

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Trance Mixes

Artist....: Pink Floyd

Title.....: Wish You Were Here (Trance Mixes)

Type/Genre: Ambient/Psychedelic

Size......: 106mb

Format....: mp3


1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Fluffy Cloud Version) (17:03)

2. Welcome To The Machine (New Age Version) (12:21)

3. Have A Cigar (Take A Joint Version) (7:49)

4. Wish You Were Here (Atmosfear Version) (6:21)

5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 2 Of A Journey Into Your Brain) (15:34)

6. Psychedelic Dreams

Many people believe that these "Limited Edition Trance Remixes" of Pink Floyd albums which have made their way into the public sector were done by The Orb. (The Orb are known for being hardcore fans of the Floyd). Some also say this album was remixed by Trent Reznor while others have said it was done by The Orb. Whoever, the music is just brilliant !!!

Pink Floyd are constantly being cited as an important influence on today's ambient music scene. It would naturally follow then, that if any "classic rock" group would lend itself to ambient interpretations, Floyd would. Essentially, these "unofficial" remixes are Floyd albums with lots of modern day techno keyboard work, voices, samples and many other sounds thrown in. What happens is a whole new interpretation of Pink Floyd's music. Some people feel that the music should stand by itself and not be tampered with.

This remix is by far the best of all the remixes. As one would expect, this album lends itself to ambient interpretation more than any other Floyd release. Both parts of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" are brilliant excursions into the outer limits with samples from The Orb's "Little Fluffy Clouds" scattered throughout. "Welcome to the Machine" and "Have a Cigar" are powerful interpretations with lots of heavy dance beats. "Wish You Were Here" is beautiful. I know I may be crucified here, but it is even better than the original: nice spacey wind sounds echo on Gilmour's gorgeous vocals. A really pleasant listen. This remix definitely lends itself for headphones.

This one is a must for all Pink Floydians !!!

VA - Forest Therapy (2011)

Artist: VA
Title: Forest Therapy 2CD
Label: Independent Mind Records
Genre: Dark Psy, Full-On Psy, Psytrance
Date: March 2011
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 321MB

Tracklist: (Disc 1)

01 - Sirtja - Tritoli
02 - Nirodha - Helloki Three Friends
03 - Hysteria - Acid rain
04 - Maximus - Morning on the Nature
05 - Methodic Marble - Psycho Agent
06 - Sirtja - Plastilin
07 - Gloomy Phantom - Das Böse
08 - Molchun - Smoke Fruti Tea
09 - Maximus - Tara Pura
10 - Extraterrestial vs. Gotalien - Spliff in da Forest

Tracklist: (Disc 2)

01 - Sirtja - Animals
02 - Methodic Marble - Spectral Window
03 - N1cr - In a Hut Witches
04 - Maximus - Space Wood
05 - Hysteria - Netural Emotions
06 - Gloomy Phantom - Second Face
07 - Distorted Behavior - Relapse
08 - StiTch vs. Fobi - Forest Race
09 - Psy Horror Noize - Paulina Dreams


VA - Zoomorphic Rituals Temple Twister Records (2011)

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Zoomorphic Rituals
Year Of Release: 11-03-2011
Label: Temple Twisters
Genre: Psychedelic / Dark Psytrance
Bitrate: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Total Time: 71:44 min
Total Size: 111.65 MB


1. Flipknot Feat. Fuzulu - Zoomorphic Rituals 8:18
2. Distorted Goblin - Frost Fear 6:51
3. Sychotria - Reanimation Sequence 8:23
4. Claw - Unlocked Mysteries 7:14
5. Fuzulu Vs. Freeaatmah - Checkout Time 7:00
6. Sator Arepo - Traffic Tetris 8:07
7. Insector - Black Light 7:08
8. Kerosene Club Vs. Drope - Insect Invasion 7:52
9. Shiva Dynamo - Sunny Deol Gone Wild 10:51

Time to unleash the animal. Modern day life is turning us into machines, pampered and programmed, sucking us into a vortex of reformed versions of dictatorship and controlled freedom. No different from a circus animal with many ringmasters controlling our choices and movements. The Beast in one's self surfaces from time to time, bringing out the some hidden basic instincts we nurture throughout the years. Zoomorphic Rituals is a 9 track ritual which acts as a catalyst to bring out the organic roars we often hear in our heads. Psychedelic, Organic, Bone-Crushing compositions from the refined studios of the temple twisting Crew and its friends.

SOM - Morning Trip (2011)

Artist: SOM
Title: Morning Trip
Label: Positive Reaction Records
Genre: Full On, Psytrance


1. SOM – Emotions 7:08
2. SOM – Sextime (SOM rmx) 6:24
3. SOM – Imagination 6:15
4. SOM – Freedome (SOM rmx) 6:52
5. SOM – Fine Day (SOM rmx) 6:42
6. SOM – Sun Set 6:17
7. SOM – Morning Trip 6:45
8. SOM – Masta of sound (SOM rmx) 6:10
9. SOM – Shiva rmx 7:06
10. SOM – Moon song 5:46

Project SOM is Andrey Samoilov, the musician, DJ and promote founder and owner of the label 'Positive Reaction Records'. During the project existence, SOM has released 2 high grade albums, 'Contact your mind' and 'Psychedelic Dreams' and a lot of tracks on compilations of various labels. Acted on a large quantity of parties and Open air's with well known artists.

In 2011 on Positive Reaction Records there is a new album SOM 'Morning trip' which includes 10 tracks written during the period 2009 to 2010. SOM is always a show, unforgettable performance, positive magic music. It's the power, which he transfers to people on performances. His own tracks are always a huge impression. His mixes are the qualitatively picked up materials, the excellent technics of compiling. And excellent mood.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Entropy - Think Slow Move Fast (2009) ~ Doof Records

Artist: Entropy
Album: Think Slow Move Fast
Label: DOOF Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Dark Psytrance
Store.Date: May-07-2009
Rls.Date: May-07-2009
Catalogue: DOOFCD32
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Cue: Yes
Tracks: 01
Playtime: 72:37 min

Tracklist :

01. Entropy - The Messenger RMX
02. Entropy - Think Slow Move Fast
03. Entropy - Bunker
04. Entropy - Love 2 Ride
05. Entropy - PPP
06. Entropy - The Dudes
07. Entropy - Psy Park
08. Entropy - The Missing Lake
09. Entropy - Black
10. Entropy - Astalavista

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cinortele - Eleva ~ Progressive Trance Set (2010)


01. Invisible Reality - visibility ( Loopstep RMX )
02. Ace Ventura - connected ( Symphonix RMX )
03. Hi-Profile - Essence
04. Trancemission - Bring The Light
05. Vibrasphere - Floating Free ( Krama RMX )
06. Zyce - Perception
07. Sun control Species - Logicla Level
08. Liquid Soul - Hypnotic Energy
09. Buttersonic And Aquaspace - True Colors
10. Moses - Trukket I Lyden ( Nasa rMX )
11. Zyce And Fox Mission - hard And Soft ( Zyce RMX )
12. Ovnimoon - Sunset ( Nerso RMX )
13. Sirion - Science And Faith ( Elegy RMX )
14. Elegy - The Panopticon
15. Imago - Soundless

Monday, January 3, 2011

Globular - Colours Of The Brainbow EP (2010)

Globular is an authentic psychedelic dub project from Bristol, a city in the southwestern part of the United Kingdom. Colours Of The Brainbow, released by the Gliese 581C netlabel, is his first formal release. Paying homage to the likes of Ott, Shpongle, and Younger Brother, Globular composes deep dubby soundscapes crafted with love and wide musical experience. Prepare to drift into an otherworldly state of bliss with these exotic downtempo gems.

Tracklist :

01. The Continuum Process (12:39)
02. Colours Of The Brainbow (8:17)
03. Synesthesiasia (9:53)
04. And On The Carefree Shores Of Dub... (8:18)

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