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Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Trance Mixes

Artist....: Pink Floyd

Title.....: Wish You Were Here (Trance Mixes)

Type/Genre: Ambient/Psychedelic

Size......: 106mb

Format....: mp3


1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Fluffy Cloud Version) (17:03)

2. Welcome To The Machine (New Age Version) (12:21)

3. Have A Cigar (Take A Joint Version) (7:49)

4. Wish You Were Here (Atmosfear Version) (6:21)

5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 2 Of A Journey Into Your Brain) (15:34)

6. Psychedelic Dreams

Many people believe that these "Limited Edition Trance Remixes" of Pink Floyd albums which have made their way into the public sector were done by The Orb. (The Orb are known for being hardcore fans of the Floyd). Some also say this album was remixed by Trent Reznor while others have said it was done by The Orb. Whoever, the music is just brilliant !!!

Pink Floyd are constantly being cited as an important influence on today's ambient music scene. It would naturally follow then, that if any "classic rock" group would lend itself to ambient interpretations, Floyd would. Essentially, these "unofficial" remixes are Floyd albums with lots of modern day techno keyboard work, voices, samples and many other sounds thrown in. What happens is a whole new interpretation of Pink Floyd's music. Some people feel that the music should stand by itself and not be tampered with.

This remix is by far the best of all the remixes. As one would expect, this album lends itself to ambient interpretation more than any other Floyd release. Both parts of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" are brilliant excursions into the outer limits with samples from The Orb's "Little Fluffy Clouds" scattered throughout. "Welcome to the Machine" and "Have a Cigar" are powerful interpretations with lots of heavy dance beats. "Wish You Were Here" is beautiful. I know I may be crucified here, but it is even better than the original: nice spacey wind sounds echo on Gilmour's gorgeous vocals. A really pleasant listen. This remix definitely lends itself for headphones.

This one is a must for all Pink Floydians !!!

VA - Forest Therapy (2011)

Artist: VA
Title: Forest Therapy 2CD
Label: Independent Mind Records
Genre: Dark Psy, Full-On Psy, Psytrance
Date: March 2011
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 321MB

Tracklist: (Disc 1)

01 - Sirtja - Tritoli
02 - Nirodha - Helloki Three Friends
03 - Hysteria - Acid rain
04 - Maximus - Morning on the Nature
05 - Methodic Marble - Psycho Agent
06 - Sirtja - Plastilin
07 - Gloomy Phantom - Das Böse
08 - Molchun - Smoke Fruti Tea
09 - Maximus - Tara Pura
10 - Extraterrestial vs. Gotalien - Spliff in da Forest

Tracklist: (Disc 2)

01 - Sirtja - Animals
02 - Methodic Marble - Spectral Window
03 - N1cr - In a Hut Witches
04 - Maximus - Space Wood
05 - Hysteria - Netural Emotions
06 - Gloomy Phantom - Second Face
07 - Distorted Behavior - Relapse
08 - StiTch vs. Fobi - Forest Race
09 - Psy Horror Noize - Paulina Dreams


VA - Zoomorphic Rituals Temple Twister Records (2011)

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Zoomorphic Rituals
Year Of Release: 11-03-2011
Label: Temple Twisters
Genre: Psychedelic / Dark Psytrance
Bitrate: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Total Time: 71:44 min
Total Size: 111.65 MB


1. Flipknot Feat. Fuzulu - Zoomorphic Rituals 8:18
2. Distorted Goblin - Frost Fear 6:51
3. Sychotria - Reanimation Sequence 8:23
4. Claw - Unlocked Mysteries 7:14
5. Fuzulu Vs. Freeaatmah - Checkout Time 7:00
6. Sator Arepo - Traffic Tetris 8:07
7. Insector - Black Light 7:08
8. Kerosene Club Vs. Drope - Insect Invasion 7:52
9. Shiva Dynamo - Sunny Deol Gone Wild 10:51

Time to unleash the animal. Modern day life is turning us into machines, pampered and programmed, sucking us into a vortex of reformed versions of dictatorship and controlled freedom. No different from a circus animal with many ringmasters controlling our choices and movements. The Beast in one's self surfaces from time to time, bringing out the some hidden basic instincts we nurture throughout the years. Zoomorphic Rituals is a 9 track ritual which acts as a catalyst to bring out the organic roars we often hear in our heads. Psychedelic, Organic, Bone-Crushing compositions from the refined studios of the temple twisting Crew and its friends.

SOM - Morning Trip (2011)

Artist: SOM
Title: Morning Trip
Label: Positive Reaction Records
Genre: Full On, Psytrance


1. SOM – Emotions 7:08
2. SOM – Sextime (SOM rmx) 6:24
3. SOM – Imagination 6:15
4. SOM – Freedome (SOM rmx) 6:52
5. SOM – Fine Day (SOM rmx) 6:42
6. SOM – Sun Set 6:17
7. SOM – Morning Trip 6:45
8. SOM – Masta of sound (SOM rmx) 6:10
9. SOM – Shiva rmx 7:06
10. SOM – Moon song 5:46

Project SOM is Andrey Samoilov, the musician, DJ and promote founder and owner of the label 'Positive Reaction Records'. During the project existence, SOM has released 2 high grade albums, 'Contact your mind' and 'Psychedelic Dreams' and a lot of tracks on compilations of various labels. Acted on a large quantity of parties and Open air's with well known artists.

In 2011 on Positive Reaction Records there is a new album SOM 'Morning trip' which includes 10 tracks written during the period 2009 to 2010. SOM is always a show, unforgettable performance, positive magic music. It's the power, which he transfers to people on performances. His own tracks are always a huge impression. His mixes are the qualitatively picked up materials, the excellent technics of compiling. And excellent mood.

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