Monday, May 31, 2010

EVP : Holographic Consciousness

This release highlights a definite progression in the E.V.P sound, driving yet groovy bass-lines coupled with some highly psychedelic sounds and processing, some slightly more serious sounds infused with some very entertaining samples and effects.

E.V.P also created all of the artwork and layout for the album. It has been fully dance-floor tested prior to release with great results at a number of international festivals. 3 of the tracks are collaborations with some of E.V.P's favourite artists, Syntax Error, Onkel Dunkel and Shotu. We believe that this music speaks for itself.

Tracklist :

1. Kotatsu

2. Troubled Animals

3. Mutiny

4. Space time object

5. King of the bong

6. Holographic Consciousness

7. Zombie Killers

8. Copy This.Ru

9. Lost Hardware

10. Hard boiled geometry


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PreSonus Studio One Pro v1.0

PreSonus Studio One is a new music creation and production application for Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista that makes audio recording, MIDI sequencing, and audio mastering simple right out of the box, yet provides a wealth of professional features.

Fresh code, innovative drag-and-drop MIDI mapping and plug-in management, auto-configuration with PreSonus hardware, good audio quality, unlimited tracks and plug-ins per track and a powerful, inventive, Start page that puts the whole project right in your hands are just a few of the compelling features that make Studio One the next generation in audio software, according to PreSonus.

Studio One gives you a complete, easy-to-use solution from raw tracks to finished master, while supporting the latest standards and technologies.


* Elegant single-window work environment.
* Powerful drag-and-drop functionality.
* Unlimited audio tracks, MIDI tracks, virtual instruments, buses and FX channels.
* Content browser with convenient sort options and preview player.
* Integrated mastering solution with automatic mix updating, waveform editing, effects, Red Book CD burning, and digital release.
* Automatic delay compensation.
* Advanced automation.
* 64-bit processing (even on 32-bit machines).
* Easy-to-use sidechain routing.
* 64-bit effects suite.
* Virtual instruments collection.
* User-friendly sampler.
* Intuitive MIDI-mapping system.
* Real-time audio timestretching and resampling.
* AU, VST2, VST3, and ReWire support.
* K System metering.
* Gigabytes of content.
* Compatible with any ASIO-, Windows Audio-,or Core Audio-compliant audio interface.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Ocelot : You Live in a Zoo

Tracklist :

1. Deeper into Trance
2. Monstrous Cephalopod
3. Monkey Business
4. You live in a Zoo
5. Let’s Dance!
6. The Cathartic Process
7. I have found it
8. Bamboo Massage
9. The Pirates Tale
10. Side Winder


VA : Psytrance Master ~ Compiled by Optimus Prime & Mystic

Tracklist :

01.Alternative Contol – Girls Trance In Control Space ( Sun Girl Rmx )
02.Audio-X – Nobody Likes
03.BBP – Tech System 7A
04.Brainwash – Laser show
05.Chemical Brothers -The Salmon Dance (Bizzare Contact Vs Black and White Remix)
06.Didrapest & Bizzare Contact – Zombie
07.Disorder – Artefact
08.Gataka Vs Vibe Tribe – No More
09.Ground Control – Quake
10.Ground Control vs Motor Sound – Archtech
11.Hujaboy – Conquest (Rmx)
12.In Panic – Boiling Point
13.Ital – Namaste
14.Krome Angels – Rehabs for quiters
15.Mason – Exceeder Stargate X (Andre Plati final mix)
16.Mystical Complex – Summer
17.Mystical Complex vs. Underbeat – Outer Connection
18.PPK – Reload (Fluor Enzo remix)
19.Psextreme – Scrap
20.Skazi – Davay Davay 2009
21.SkyNet – Come Again
22.SkyNet – My Little Star
23.Slider – You Take It Mix Master
24.Soultouch – FreeSoul
25.System Nipel – Falling Up (Ultravoice Rmx)
26.Vibe Tribe – Liberation Animatrix
27.Vibe Tribe vs Freedom Fighters – Back To The 80s
28.Void – Come Alive
29.Void – Tranceformer
30.Waio – Dakelala (Rmx)
31.Waio vs Skulptor – Deep Water
32.Wizack Twizack – Contradiction (Remix)
33.XSI & Talamasca – Tribalagan



VA : Sonica Vol.2

Tracklist :

1 – Tristan – Bombscare (Perfect Stranger’s Small Vagator mix)
2 – Pleiadians – The Pleiades
3 – Burn in Noise – Time Warp
4 – Rinkadink – The Thermal Tempest
5 – Etnica – Lunar Contact
6 – Gaiatech – Burning Heads
7 – Liftshift – Nothing Less
8 – M-Theory – Rising the Bar
9 – Fearsome Engine – The Path


VA - Frogology 2009 (Frogadelic Records)

Artist: VA
Title: Frogology
Type: Compilation
Label: Frogadelic Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psytrance
Store.Date: Sep-26-2009
Rls.Date: Oct-10-2009
Catalogue: FROG01CD
Source: CDDA
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 10
Playtime: 79:45 min

'Frogology' is a collection of 10 scintillating exclusive tracks by some of the froggies favourite live acts that have performed at the infamous Tribe of Frog parties. Featuring artists such as Fearsome Engine, Oood and Scorb that have written tracks specifically for this special compilation. A frog approved quality cluster of funky, psychedelic, main room mammoths and electro wolloped psytrance that encapsulates some of the amazing energy that you will find at a ToF party. We are delighted to have such a strong selection of tunes for our first release! Love and ribbits to everyone that has laughed, danced and partied with us over the 9 years. Your support and part in the magical frog adventure has been essential. Thank you!

Tracklist :

01. OOOD – Frogology [08:58]
02. Flip Flop & Tron – Material World [07:49]
03. AMD – Roadshow [08:37]
04. Braincell – The Big Trick [07:46]
05. Fearsome Engine – Frog Addict [07:46]
06. Rastaliens & Virtual Light – What Happened [06:54]
07. Archaic – Soothsayer [06:29]
08. E.V.P – TOF-U [07:20]
09. Subliminal System – Malevolent Intent [09:51]
10. Scorb – It’s About Time (Frog Remix) [08:15]

Download Option 1 (Rapidshare) ; Option 2 (Deposit Files)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

VA - Forest Party 2010

Tracklist :

01. Aerofurious Vs. Cosmo – Psychoacoustic Exiter
02. Alienn – New Life
03. A-Mush – Phanatic Area
04. Brain Hunters – Black Box
05. Cosmo & Insector – No limit
06. Cosmo vs Furious – Level Of The Devil
07. Ex-Gen – Bankai (D.N.I Rmx)
08. Highcosmos – Virgin Galactic
09. Kindzadza – Bilanebula
10. Pinkybrain – Dr. Evil
11. Shehoor_-_Bloodsucking Freaks
12. Shotu – Acai (Dyaus rmx)
13. SpeedBall – It’s A Dream (Rmx)
14. Digital Murders – Vivir o Morir (jig saw rmx)


Ananda Shake : The World Is Yours

Tracklist :

01. Ananda Shake – Scarface
02. Ananda Shake – Falapland
03. Ananda Shake – The World Is Yours
04. Ananda Shake – Epic Melodic
05. Ananda Shake – Ananda Shakes Radio
06. Ananda Shake – Blow
07. Ananda Shake vs Audiotec – Jumper
08. Ananda Shake – Intersting Concepts
09. Sesto Sento – Sesto Dance (Ananda Shake Remix)


VA - Full On Classics V.2

Tracklist :

01. 2Hi Vs Wrecked Machines – Computer Music
02. Astrix – Solaris I (Atomic Pulse Rmx)
03. Bliss – Blisster
04. Dino Psaras – Question
05. D-Tek vs Shanti – Universal Test (Life Style Rmx)
06. Freakulizer – Steakulizer
07. Gataka – Baby Boof
08. Pixel Vs Star-X Vs Melicia – Poco Picante
09. Smosh – New Mentally
10. XSI – Seven Art


Friday, May 7, 2010

Earthling - Hypernature

Artist:......... Earthling
Title:.......... Hypernature
Source:......... WEB Store
Street Date:.... 2008-12-16
Rip Date:....... 2008-12-19
Language:....... English
Label:.......... Neurobiotic Records
Genre:.......... Psychedelic
Tracks:......... 9
Size:........... 158.28 mb
Discs:.......... 1
Quality:........ 320kbps 44100kHz Full Stereo
Encoder:........ LAME v3.97
Grabber:........ CopyCAT v1.1

Tracklist :

1. Beans of light

2. Mystical

3. Jungle Juice

4. Crystal Licker

5. Computer Genesis

6. Get in the chopper

7. Cycle Tours

8. Mandelbrot

9. Lost In Trance-Nation


Shake : Zephyr ~ Full On Trance 2010

Shakes' debut album Zephyr is finally here ! After a 4 year-long bright career in electronic music and an eager wait from Shakes' growing fans in Mexico and around the world, Zephyr has come to light Literally!

This Trance Master-Piece that was inspired by Luis Macias AKA Shakes own daughter (hence
the album name), is a new musical proposal that will sweep you away from the first sound
and will make your mind want to escape your body giving away to a fabulous dancing experience !

Shake - Zephyr is the natural way for this Artist to consolidate a new Trance style. Solid baselines with a sharp and groovy rhythm are blended together with inspiring and emotional melodies and an Intelligent use of short voice Samples. Zephyr is much more than a compilation of good tracks. It is a complete musical Journey that will transport you quickly, yet comfortably, into a new atmosphere of Sound. Shakes Debut Album is a real cornerstone in the Full On Trance Genre, a true priceless Gem, and a beautiful and precious Zephyr.

Tracklist :

1. Shake - Zephyr Vs Twilight (07:05)
2. Shake - High Sun Reloaded (07:38)
3. Shake - Niebla Rmx (08:41)
4. Shake - Magnetism (09:50)
5. Shake - Broken Circles (07:10)
6. Shake - No More Kindness Vs Attik (10:01)
7. Shake - Minimalistica (08:39)
8. Shake - Drinkin The Clash (08:52)
9. Shake - Falling Down Feat Zenwave (05:57)

Download (115 mb)

Artha : Influencing Dreams ~ Goa Psychedelic Trance

Cronomi Records is proud and excited to present ‘Influencing Dreams’, the first full-length album by Polish producer Artha. For the last few years he has been teasing us all with occasional EP and compilation releases but now he unleashes the full force of his creativity on a world begging for music of substance. And what substance! Drivingly compulsive and intent on taking you places, this album has its roots deep in the early years of goa trance, with a flow and melodic exuberance not seen since the 90s. Artha’s head is firmly in the twenty-first century however, and his production and sound design is as clean and intricate as the best of modern dance music.

This is music designed for travelling without moving, a dynamic and intensely psychedelic journey that picks you up and jams the doors of perception wide open before hurling you through. Artha doesn’t hide his influences at all, and why should he; the scene has been asking for exactly this album since 1997. Today it seems only one man can provide the music so many have cried out for… Artha !

Tracklist :

1. Dubber Nubber
2. Controlled
3. Chaos
4. Saikol
5. Mystic Change
6. Vocal Distortion
7. Bali
8. Transfusion
9. Insidelamp

Download : Hotfile ; Rapidshare

Buy your copy at Psyshop ... Saiko Sounds ... Goa Store ... ~ BoOm Shanti Dear Ones ~

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

VA - Treedimensional

Artist.....: VA
Album......: Tree Dimensional
Type.......: Compilation
Genre......: Psychedelic
Style......: Psytrance/Nightpsy/Full On
Label......: REGEN RECORDS
CatalogNr..: REG1CD001 Jun-20-2008
Source.....: CDDA
Encoder....: Lame 3.97 v0
Quality....: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo

Tracklist :

01.Daheen - Regrowth
02.Mr Peculiar - Psyraka
03.Thermohaline - Plant 2000 Trees
04.Space Tribe & Azax Syndrom - Epidemic
05.Psyboriginal - Can You Imagine
06.Metal Wizard - Redefining Dark
07.Akin - Unclear
08.Terrafractyl - The Big Illusion
09.Electroholics - Fungus
10.Daheen - Wisdom

The environmentally friendly label Regen Records present their debut release.

A journey through psy genres with Space Tribe and Azax Syndrom, Mr Peculiar, Psyboriginal, Terrafractyl, Electroholics, Daheen, Akin, Metal Wizard and Thermohaline. A great mix of cranking dancefloor full on, a touch of dark, and some beautiful melodic morning tunes, with a little chill time at the end. Manufactured from recycled and recyclable/compostable material using all natural inks and glues.

All profits go to environmental restoration and education projects.

2 Trees Planted For Each CD SOLD ! Buy your copy at Psyshop !

Download Part 1 ; Part 2

... Deep Cosmic Bow To 604delic for sending me a copy of this ONEderful  compilation ! Thanks Prashant ... BoOm !

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