Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Neutral Motion : Inextricably Linked (2011) ~ WildThings Records

Wildthings Records bring you our next artist debut album release 'Inextricably Linked' by Japanese artist Neutral Motion.

Teppei Nishimura, (Neutral Motion), has been living in London for the last 5 years learning the art of psychedelic composition, then exploding the London Trance scene with it, with fantastic results. London's psychedelic trance movement hasn't had a Japanese artist of such popularity for experimental sound since Tsuyoshi Suzuki in the 90's and this album will add fresh light to Japanese influence within this cutting edge dance music scene. The Album has been majorly influenced from the sound emulating from within the London Underground scene, and its fully vibrant edge brings this UK sound into new sonic realms with this selection of Psychadigital night time music. Teppei has added the quirkiness that Japan offers combined with the full grooving fat bass lines and positive mindset that Wildthings specialize in and dance floors love. Having played most weekends at dance parties in London, the music has been tweaked and tested to satisfy and energize the international dance floors found there. Neutral Motion has proven to be a key figure in the London scene due to his dedication to underground trance music and this album will bring his sound to the greater global masses who seek powerful dance music with mind bending frequencies combined with positive mental direction. Neutral Motion is indeed an inspiring artist for Wildthings Records and we hope you enjoy his Inextricably Linked voyage through sound.

Artist: Neutral Motion
Title: Inextricably Linked
Label: Wildthings Records
Genre: Full-On Psy, Psytrance
Date: Feb-23-2011
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz/Joint-Stereo


01. Neutral Motion – Grey Dream [02:08]
02. Neutral Motion – Enthusiasm Gap [08:20]
03. Neutral Motion – Mag.Net [06:48]
04. Neutral Motion – Yano Mami [06:42]
05. Neutral Motion – Jaras Head [06:51]
06. Neutral Motion – Tipping Point [06:47]
07. Neutral Motion – Geometrically Carved Brain [06:55]
08. Neutral Motion – Inside The Cave [06:28]
09. Neutral Motion – Abstract [07:38]
10. Neutral Motion – Incredibly Enjoyable Experience [07:37]

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Cosmos Vibration : Unknown Universe

Cosmos Vibration is a project of Alejo Galvan from Argentina his style goes from groovy bases with trippy melodies, psychedelic sounds and solid percussions to experiment a fluid journey into the abstract dimension and inviting the cosmic dance.

He also has a parallel project with Jorge Uema (Pragmatix) called Heterogenesis in which he traveled to many places playing in important festivals like Universo Paralello (Brazil), Transcendence (Brazil), For a do Tempo (Brazil), Moonflower (Patagonia Argentina), Monte Mapu (Chile) sharing the stage with many exponents of the psytrance scene like Kox Box, Commercial Hippies, Logic Bomb and more.

Tracklist :

1 Landscapes of freedom
2 Organic Dreams
3 The eye of Gaia
4 Electromagnetismo
5 Life Equation
6 Expancion Infinita
7 Intensidad Sonica (Cosmos Vibration rmx) - Pragmatix
8 The other is dreaming us
9 Tolteca Mushrooms


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