Friday, May 7, 2010

Shake : Zephyr ~ Full On Trance 2010

Shakes' debut album Zephyr is finally here ! After a 4 year-long bright career in electronic music and an eager wait from Shakes' growing fans in Mexico and around the world, Zephyr has come to light Literally!

This Trance Master-Piece that was inspired by Luis Macias AKA Shakes own daughter (hence
the album name), is a new musical proposal that will sweep you away from the first sound
and will make your mind want to escape your body giving away to a fabulous dancing experience !

Shake - Zephyr is the natural way for this Artist to consolidate a new Trance style. Solid baselines with a sharp and groovy rhythm are blended together with inspiring and emotional melodies and an Intelligent use of short voice Samples. Zephyr is much more than a compilation of good tracks. It is a complete musical Journey that will transport you quickly, yet comfortably, into a new atmosphere of Sound. Shakes Debut Album is a real cornerstone in the Full On Trance Genre, a true priceless Gem, and a beautiful and precious Zephyr.

Tracklist :

1. Shake - Zephyr Vs Twilight (07:05)
2. Shake - High Sun Reloaded (07:38)
3. Shake - Niebla Rmx (08:41)
4. Shake - Magnetism (09:50)
5. Shake - Broken Circles (07:10)
6. Shake - No More Kindness Vs Attik (10:01)
7. Shake - Minimalistica (08:39)
8. Shake - Drinkin The Clash (08:52)
9. Shake - Falling Down Feat Zenwave (05:57)

Download (115 mb)

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