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Ianuaria - Da Capo Al Fine (2007)

Ianuaria, born in 1981 in Austria, is a dj since 1996 and is producing his own music since 2002. He started his musical career at the age of 6. As a drummer he visited the music school for eleven years and played in various kinds of ensembles.

In the 90's he started off as a DJ. He bought his first psytrance record and directly fell in love with this kind of music. He became familiar with the scene and several years ago, he and some friends started organizing parties for their own association 'Klangbewusstsein'.

Ianuaria - Da Capo Al Fine
Year: 2007
Label: Hardboiled Records
Genre: Psytrance
Size: 90mb


1 Tree Of Life 7:17
2 Ups Wrong Number 6:46
3 Just For Funky Freakz 6:36
4 Digital Meditation 8:29
5 Pure Mescaline 6:54
6 Psywalker 6:56
7 Spiritual Comic 6:49
8 Dual Brainwash 7:37
9 Into The Outside 7:08
10 Hamtidamti 7:09
11 Pumuckel´s World 7:38

Producing his own music has always been a dream for Ianuaria. After deejaying for many years, he started producing psychedelic trance in 2002. After spinning around Ianuaria is in great demand and one of the most successful producers in Austria.

The type of music he produces can be best described as groovy, with apositive mystic vibe and trippy, catchy elements.

A must have for every DJ.


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