Saturday, August 2, 2008

Brethren - The Price Of Prophecy 2008 Spectral Records

Spectral Records presents their first album release of 2008 in the form of Brethren's... 'The Price of Prophecy'. These two blood brothers, based in South Africa, have their ownsolo acts (Phyx and Tickets), and their styles come together to create a unique fusion. In reply to their debut album in 2006 they have followed up with a new classical edge to their music - experimenting with real instruments like cello, violin and piano - but at the same time keeping that same dance floor edge that they are known for.

Expect once again massive uplifting melodies alongside brooding atmospheres, all underlined by kicking techno and killer basslines. A style that sets themselves as the perfect sound for those peak twilight hours between night and day. No gimmicks - just music - pure psychedelic power.

Tracklist :

01. Interval
02. Spartan Soul
03. Two Thrones
04. Dark Arts
05. Chaos Regeneration
06. Ultimatum
07. Sirens
08. Betrayal Of Sound
09. Allende V2

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