Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vibrasphere - Lime Structure 2003

Nine fresh and previously unreleased tracks of the Digital Structures...

... trade mark quality in a musical range that will please everyone from the home listener to that dancefloor bursting of energy.

The release of their debut album in 2000 on Spiral Trax was an instant success and djs all over the place picked up on their dublayered exquisite trance.

Tracks from the album and singles were licensed and re-issued on compilations in many countries. The downbeat track 'San Pedro' even caught the interest of UK producer Talvin Singh who included it on his mix for the 'Back to Mine' series.

Still in touch with their original desire to unite the deepness of dub and energy of trance, Rickard and Robert have created yet another milestone as their contribution to the progression of trance music.

Tracklist :

1. Soul Wire 3:04
2. Lemon Phase 8:31
3. Newport 8:54
4. Time Shifter 7:54
5. Manzanilla- 9:02
6. Indian Summer 9:11
7. Purple Floating 10:36
8. Infusion 8:25
9. Silver Sun 7:52

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

Download Option 2 (5 Parts)

Torrent Download 5 Albums of Vibrasphere in FLAC

Vibrasphere - (2000) - Echo
Vibrasphere - (2003) - Lime Structure
Vibrasphere - (2006) - Archipelago
Vibrasphere - (2007) - Exploring The Tributaries
Vibrasphere - (2007) - Archipelago Remixed


  1. Hello! I scoured the net for a password, could you please let me in on that sweet piece of music!

  2. Namaste :)

    I looked for a pass... Doesn't say it had a password ... here's the source link ... ...

    Try MyTrance.Info or sonofilia or try another download link ...

    Peace Love Unity & Respect ... Always ... :)

    Thank You !

  3. Thanks for the password. shanti bom


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