Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Prahlad : Movements Of Consciousness

Artist : Prahlad
Album : Movements of Consciousness
Year : 2007

Tracklist :

1 Homage To R A Moog (8:58)
2 Meditation (7:53)
3 Man Up (7:02)
4 Psyched (6:59)
5 Astronauts (7:58)
6 Shantified (7:55)
7 Movements Of Conciousness (7:37)
8 Illusion (7:21)
9 Raver For Life (7:51)
10 Sundram (7:31)

'Movements of Consciousness' was inspired by an interview with Dr. Goswami from " What The Bleep Do We Know ?! " ...... a leading quantum physicist. This radical new science is revolutionizing many people's view of the world, and being fascinated with its fundamental theories, Prahlad became drawn to write a unique accompanying soundtrack. The album spans a wide range of electronic music: influences can be heard from Electro, Progressive and Full On. However, the overall sound is distinctly different: besides contagious groove elements and psychedelic effects, it also leaves space for expansive arrangements and captivating melodies.

These are augmented by introspective breaks that incorporate sound textures from all over the globe: Buddhist mantras and ethereal female voices are varied with acoustic instruments from the eastern and western music traditions. The album concludes with a hypnotic ambient track that shows a glimpse of what is to come in the down tempo album which is in production now.

Download Part 1 ; Part 2

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