Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cosma - Simplicity (2001) ~ Classic Goa Trance

Tracklist :

1.Cosma - Sleep Of Peace (Ft. Domestic) [08:46]
2.Cosma - Your 911 [08:14]
3.Cosma - Find Out [10:17]
4.Cosma - Out Of Range [08:54]
5.Cosma - Simplicity [05:55]
6.Cosma - Cosmatic [08:00]
7.Cosma - Human Evolution [08:08]
8.Cosma - Saffy Smoke A Lot [07:23]
9.Cosma - Cusanam [07:39]

Cover text: "His world is suddenly filled with action and simplicity, there is no light, but there is sound, it fills him in great, sluggish waves not heard, but felt through his hundred cells. The cells pulse, seperate, contract according to the rush of fluid. This is now the basis of his being... The flow. He is in his own blood!"

Tracks 3 & 5 contains a sample of Song Of Sophia by Dead Can Dance, written by Lisa Gerrard & Brendan Perry.

(publishing: Momentum Music / Universal Music Publishing)

All tracks written and produced @ Cosma Studio
Digital mastering @ Domestic Studio

ISRA Review "Cosma - Simplicity" ...

Some will say this is the perfect blend between the Swedish open and relaxed crunch and the Israeli massive full power danceable style. I rather say this is a mature and interesting album, with open, yet penetrating sounds. It's an album with a nice story, enough diversity, but also unity. An album perfect to sit at home and move your head to, and also full of party killer tracks.

Download Part 1 ; Part 2


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  2. Timeless Classic, you are truly missed!


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