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Hilight Tribe - Love Medicine & Natural Trance

LOVE MEDICINE AND NATURAL TRANCE, the third release of the band.

With this album, the tribe signs a great creation, mixing rhythms from Asia , Africa and Europe. Guitar meets didgeridoo, bass meets drums, voices meet sitar.... These 12 Tracks allow you to a great travel. This release is still, as well spiced with some old school ethnical drums like djembe, congas, tablas, bougarabou, dun dun, ken keni, ... At least, more than 15 different drums (for 5 musicians) are played, first naturally and by their own natural trance technics.

Each element has his place, earth, wind, water and fire. In a shell, It's sounds like a rebirth of the old wild world. We can say that the Natural Trance, style created by the Hilight Tribe, has build bridges between a lot of Horizons.

They have foud their way, according more attention to the voices, again inspired from the ethnical trances songs they have heard in their physical and spiritual travels, as the memory of a thousand of civilizations, crossing the infinite line of the time.

Hilight Tribe says ...

Finally, this album confirm that the experience created by the band was a wonderful way to take.
Some other bands are now following the tribe, it's the best present possible.

Thanks to our Fans from all around the World and long way to the love medicine of Natural Trance !!!

Boom Shankar !

Artist.....: Hilight Tribe
Album......: Trancelucid
Type.......: Album
Genre......: Psychedelic
Style......: Psytrance, Tribal
Label......: Kosmic Hoboes 01.12.2008
Quality....: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Tracks.....: 10
Size.......: 103 MB
Length.....: 73:39

Tracklist :

1 Free Tibet (6:00)
2 Trancer (6:58)
3 Kali Camino (4:52)
4 Woman Irie (4:49)
5 Raïssa (8:07)
6 Cryogenik (6:11)
7 Jungle Lion (4:35)
8 Typhoon (5:15)
9 Didge Daz (6:12)
10 Maori Beat (4:47)
11 Shubori (7:11)
12 Morning Puja (7:01)

Hilight Tribe, one of the most innovative psychedelic trance outfits from France blending in different eclectic sounds forming an uplifting psychedelic tribal beat ! One of my favorites and the 1st song by HT I ever heard is the classic 'Free Tibet' also featured in the Boom 2006 We Are One DVD !

Natural Trance is a patchwork linking modern culture with ethnic sound. The Hilight Tribe, five musicians and one sound doctor at the mixing desk, play a live performance for the dancefloors of the 3rd millenium. Digeridoo, Djembe, Guitar, Congas, Drumset or Bass , among others, come in synchronization with the Drum kick. Travelling the world is part of the deal, that's how the band finds its happiness, inspiration and way of life!

Download Hilight Tribe - Love Medicine and Natural Trance

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