Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ananda Shake - We Speak Music

Ananda Shake returns with a hi tech masterpiece.

'We Speak Music', a brilliantly, unique, forceful, Full-on album featuring various instruments, percussions, strings and vocals.

Hypnotic, arresting harmonies and pure Trance of all kinds are found across the board throughout the album's ten tracks.

Dedicated to the loyal Trance fans out there, who communicate in the universal language of music, Ananda Shake's We Speak Music sounds quite like nothing else made before.

Ananda Shake are two young Israelis, Osher Swissa and Lior Edri, who have been speaking Trance music for almost a decade. For the past few years they have been playing in festivals all over the world. While producing 'We Speak Music', Ananda Shake also had hits recently with labels such as: Shiva Space Japan, Mahogany Records, Sinntec Records and many others...

Tracklist :

1. Meshel 6 days

2. After shock

3. Street fighters

4. Pushing me out

5. Digger

6. Round trip

7. Ground speed

8. Shake well before use (album version)

9. Ornella secrets

10. We speak music

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

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