Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bio-Tonic : Music For Animals 2009

Bio-Tonic is a French band from Reims. This band, composed of 2 musicians (Jerôme Lecoq and Julien Lecoq) has been active since 2000. Their electronic music could be defined as "psychedelic trance" or "goa".

Bio-Tonic released its first album in 2001 ("Elektrik Colors" from Solstice Music), then "On the Rox" in 2003 and "Divina" in 2004. The 4th album - "KLASH" has been released in June 2006. Bio-Tonic's tracks are available on many compilations, and have played at dance-floors all around the world (Mexico, Brazil, England, Greece, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, France, and Japan)

Bio-Tonic's song "Rock and Tonic" is part of the soundtrack of Tourist Trophy, a game for the Sony PlayStation 2 by the creators of the Gran Turismo series, Polyphony Digital.

Music For Animals is their 5th album and is packed full on psychedelic tracks sure to rock the dance floors world over ...

Tracklist :

1. Kick some ass
2. Disco Boss
3. Country Boy
4. Butterfly
5. Bite me baby
6. Control
7. I know what they want
8. My heart is dancing
9. A dirty feeling

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