Thursday, May 28, 2009

VA - Rajdhani Express The Sound Of India

Samsara Recordings presents its second release 'VA Rajdhani Xpress' - a very out-of-the-ordinary... music assortment. Firstly, it's the single compilation in the world that features artists only from India. Secondly, it has a rather curious concept.

The release derives its name from the fastest moving passenger train of India (Rajdhani Express), which connects the capital city to all important destinations across the subcontinent. Similarly, Rajdhani Xpress intends to connect the newly branded Indian dark sound to all important trance destinations!

Rajdhani Xpress is a combination of established Indian Psytrance artists such as Flipknot (side project of Kerosene Club), White Wizard, Devic, Gidra, and Silent Horror along with the new acts - Schizobot, Bloodclot and Spiral. The Compilation also highlights the new Indian duo acts - Vasuki and Tria Mera.

Tracklist :

01. Schizobot - Pstyrofoam
02. Gidra - Adam Leatherface
03. White Wizard - Metalized
04. Bloodclot - Time End Life Begins
05. Vasuki - Rajdhani Xpress
06. Spiral - Fury Within
07. Silent Horror - Diseketed
08. Triamera - Phrikyhorror
09. Flipknot - Intense Vivid Bharti
10. Devic - Endless

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  1. files no longer available.
    would deeply appreciate a re-up


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