Friday, November 19, 2010

Ajja - Psychogenica (2007)

In a world that is spiralling faster every day, 'Psychogenica' is a reassuring breath of 144bpm based psychedelic trance.

Fusing his experience as Peak Record's label manager with a dancefloor diploma from his Yab Yum project and his prog-trance pedigree as a founding member of The Peaking Goddess Collective, Ajja has a PhD in psychedelic trance that will gently remind any dancefloor of the most important lesson: we are here to groove!

'Psychogenica' is 11 funky tracks arranged in such a way as to encourage you to trance and dance, keeping you solidly grounded while you spiral to the sonic seat of the soul.

Ajja starts at 144 and keeps it steadily there for most of the album, dazzling and delighting you constantly with his grooves and keeping you interested without the need for speed. In the last quarter, the pace is upped to 146bpm for some more twisted tracks that are reminiscent of Yab Yum, before levelling off to 145bpm for the last track, a hypnotic piece that cleanses you with its hauntingly beautiful outro and leaves you refreshed, replenished and ready to hit repeat on your cd player!

Featuring mind-blowing art by Ajja's brother, Filip Leu, combined with resident Peak Record's visual artist Tanina Munchkina and Ajja's own visionary digital work, 'Psychogenica' is a feast for the eyes that will stand out in any cd collection.

'Psychogenica' will get you bopping instantly and fill your brain with searing flashes of sunshine. This is music that wants to play with your body, while your mind is distracted by a seamless sea of sequenced synchronicity.

Danger! May get stuck in your head and cd player!

Tracklisting :

1. Tripmunch (7:26)
2. Romance In A6 (6:54)
3. Juicy Shrooms (6:53)
4. Funklestiltskin (6:26)
5. Spitfire (6:55)
6. Lingus Khan (6:58)
7. We Are All Aliens (7:20)
8. Archetype (7:13)
9. Solar (6:44)
10. Spikedelic (7:10)
11. Peripheral Visions (7:20)

Download Part 1 ; Part 2

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