Friday, October 15, 2010

Abomination : Incognito (2010) ~ Mind Control Records

Mind control records is very proud to offer you here the long awaited 3rd album from Eyal Gershon and Saar Davidov, two friends coming from Israel, and well known under the name of Abomination.

This 3rd album, 'Incognito', is the result of more than two years of work. After the international success of their previous album 'Planet X' on 3D Vision, they played at the four corners of the planet, delivering to each dancefloors they have crossed the powerfull music which made their reputation all over the world!

After so many years spent in the studio together, they have reached such a professional level of production that this new album will be for sure one of the best albums of this year 2010!

All the tracks were tested, played, changed, modified until both of them were really convinced that this was the ultimate dancefloor weapon! And now, we are ready to deliver this kicking ass music directly to your ears, with this album combining powerfull basslines, mixed with strong and energetic leads!

Tracklist :

1. Abomination - Substance D
2. Abomination Vs Winter Demon - Musical Mayhem
3. Abomination - Bad Beat
4. Azax Syndrom Vs Painkiller - The Policy (Abomination RMX)
5. Abomination - Stones
6. Abomination Vs R.E.L - Small Ball
7. Abomination - Incognito
8. Bliss - Monitor Access (Abomination RMX)
9. Abomination - Puta Cybernetica


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