Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sattel Battle - Barefoot Funk 2009

Tracklist :

01. Wapwap (Follow The Toilet Paper)
02. Early morning flight
03. Roundy
04. Leads United
05. On Weed rmx
06. Aldus vs. Krusty (Huxley vs. The Clown)
07. 2 Step Chase (Live @ Halu Club)
08. Dosomethingwithyourlife (Oxya rmx)
09. Reality Bites
10. Where are my boots (Barefoot Funk)
11. Sonic Sodomy (Sattel Battle rmx)

Sattel Battle's second album 'BareFoot Funk' is bought to you by 'Adapted Record Australia' !

It has a sweet delicacy to all morning trance lovers. The man behind the project is Elad Weinberg (aka Tsabeat) from Israel. While constantly working for years in the studio and on stages around the world on psy sounds and ideas, here is a very unique outcome.

Elad takes us on a wild magical journey through a wide diversity of sounds and groove's. 'BareFoot Funk' flows through a multiple trance genres, inspirations ranging from suomi to goa and full on as well funky aussie beats. Satisfied dancers on every dancefloor is obvious in this case.

The album is made of chunky driving bassline's as well funky ones, grooving drum beats and fx, and off course the unforgetable emotional melodies that add 'dreamy' or 'spacey' dimension to this album.

4 remixes featured in this album: 2 from Elad to his own tracks (one is live version from halo club in australia), 1 remix by Elad to 'neuron compost - sonic sodomy', track that is promised to deliver smile on your face, and also awsome remix by Oxya to 'DoSomethingWithYourLife' from Sattel Battle Debut Album Soundscool.


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