Wednesday, June 3, 2009

VA - Desert Dreaming Part 2 Moonrise Compiled by Mindstorm

Compiled by Mindstorm. Mindstorm aka Doctor Spook returns with the second part in this essential collection harmonically tuned for the occasion to keep your dream party in the desert fueled and inspired in the recharge time between your travels. From beginning to end this truly inspired compilation features the new dream team with 16 of the leading Israeli Full On Goa-Psytrance dance music underground producers. With both well known and accomplished veterans to lead the way such as legendary super groups such as Safi Connection's Remix of a 1200 Micrograms hit, Black White vs Loud in their previous incarnation as Chain Reaction.

Top notch collaborations with Israeli producers and international trance stars like Jeremy Tsunami and Dj Mael aka Nomad (France), Perplex vs N3xu5 (Portugal), Twisted Reaction vs Mindstorm (San Francisco), Technodrome vs Sidhartha (Portugal) well as a strong central core of experienced artists with many jumping desert parties, releases and albums under their belts such as Mechanix, Injection vs DNA, Mixed Emotions and Darkforce. Solar System opens with a dark full-on hit right before the moon rises. Each track was carefully selected for that perfect feeling to be danced and listened to again and again.

Tracklist :

01 Solar System - Dark Star
02 Injection vs. DNA - Genesis
03 Perplex vs. N3xu5 - In the Future
04 Jeremy Tsunami vs. DJ Mael (aka Nomad) - High Volume
05 Technodrome vs. Sidhartha - Get High
06 Mixed Emotions - Getting Up
07 Mechanix - Digital Shmok
08 Darkforce - Music Speaker
09 Twisted Reaction vs. Mindstorm - Civilysergic
10 Black and White - DMT Server (Loud Rmx)
11 1200 Micrograms - Rock into the Future

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

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