Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Texas Faggott - Kininigin 2008

For almost two decades now, one of the genre defining artists since the early Nineties have built up an impressive discography making waves across the globe and turning the Texas Faggott sound into a practical household name across continents, these guys from Finland have been churning out music which has taken on a life of its own, standing out and above in terms of innovation and technical quality.

Now, releasing their newest album, Kininigin, Texas Faggotts pushes the sound they have come to shape and define to yet further heights and limits. Along with the album, two digital singles are being released, allowing you an early taste of the electro-acoustic synapse-strumming sonic sensory sensation of Texas Faggots, peeking into the future of full-on psychedelic trance.

Tracklist :

01.Toinen Santa [03:37]
02.Narkpsy [04:02]
03.10 Years Of Xxxx Punch (Feat. Mc Sprite) [04:02]
04.Onseng (Feat. Gerda) [05:07]
05.Harry Blotter [06:44]
06.Tres [03:57]
07.Surmo Tyo [04:43]
08.Kaki [05:50]
09.Psychedelic Virgins [05:25]
10.Kancho Asassin (Feat. Kakushin Nishihara) [05:14]
11.Kikkooman [04:16]
12.Secrets Ov Thee Dead (Feat. Kakushin Nishihara) [06:46]
13.Asagao (Feat. Kakushin Nishihara) [05:08]
14.Illegal Alienz [04:16]
15.Rednexxx [03:50]

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

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