Sunday, July 12, 2009

VA - Global Exposition Vol.2 Compiled By Mario-Such 2009

Tracklist :

01. G.M.S - Juice Remix (New Edit 2009)
02. Dynamic vs. Switch - Ampliefier
03. Perplex - Nn
04. Black & White feat. Michele Adamson - Deep Voice
05. Dynamic Volt - Super Stars
06. X-Noize - Relevance
07. Shanti - Synchronized World
08. System Nipel - Fallingup (Ultravoice Remix)
09. Liquid Soul - Adrenaline

Compiled by Mairo-Such.

Fineplay Records is considered as one of the Top 3 leading party organization in Japan. Fineplay was founded in 2002 by Shibayama Masaki, he is accompanied by Dj Dithforth, Dj Mairo-Such and Dj Jun.

Fineplay is known for its successful mega events throughout Japan, professionally managed and promoted, bringing in the needed fresh breeze to the extensive Japanese scene. A lot has been said about the Colorful, Rich, Hyped, Solid, Fascinating Japanese scene, which is without doubt a shining star and one of the globes main dance and psytrance capitols.


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