Sunday, July 12, 2009

Outer Signal - Fabric Of Space 2009

Tracklist :

01. In Trance
02. Synchronizing
03. The Believer
04. Maniac Music
05. Transmission
06. Brain Wave
07. The Time Machine
08. The Human Mind
09. Fabric Of Space
10. MK 22

3D Vision proudly presents the first album from the Israeli duo; Outer Signal - Fabric Of Space.

Outer Signal are Gil Stolar and Lior Yosha. Both coming from a musical background, playing instruments like drums, percussion, guitars and keyboard. Around 2002 they started Djing at psytrance parties in Israel, Thailand and India. In the end of 2004 they got together and started to create their own psychedelic dancefloor sound, and collaborated with major international artists including; Digital Talk, Concept, Massive, and Abomination.

After various single releases on compilations by top psy lables like; 3D Vision, Timecode, Yabai, Beyond Logic, Digital Distortion and more, Outer Signal proudly presents their debut album featuring 10 new tracks, including collaboration with Bliss and the original version of 'Maniac Music' from 3D Vision compilation 'Sharp' by Absolum.

'Fabric Of Space' is a pure energy generating album, with uniqe vibe that creates psychedelic chaos on any dancefloor.


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