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Vibrasphere - Exploring The Tributaries 2007

Tribal Vision Records proudly presents the 4th full-length album of legendary Swedish... project Vibrasphere.

Following on strongly from their successful album release in 2006, Vibrasphere showcase a somewhat different side of their productions with the 4th studio album 'Exploring the Tributaries'.

Their brand new full-length CD takes elements from a wide range of musical styles including downbeat, minimal / electro and club-influenced sounds to create a mature look at modern electronic music.

After the smash single 'Floating Free' was picked up for radio airplay by superstar DJs Armin Van Buuren and Markus Schulz, it has been a gateway into new territory for Vibrasphere with their tunes on heavy rotation from DJs such as Paul Van Dyk, Hernan Cattaneo, Paul Oakenfold, Christopher Lawrence, Remy, Menno de Jong, Kenneth Thomas and John 00 Fleming. Their recent singles have received a range of licenses including Armada Trance vol 1 (Armin Van Buuren) and Gatecrasher Live (Christopher Lawrence) and paves the way for a strong album release for both Vibrasphere and Tribal Vision Records.

Rickard Bergloef and Robert Elster have put their years of studio experience into creating a release that will be both timeless and contemporary - a true look into the musical minds of some of progressive music's pioneering acts.

'Exploring the Tributaries' will no doubt be another strong success for Tribal Vision Records this coming season, and further confirm Vibrasphere as one of the leading acts in modern progressive dance music.

Tracklist :

1. Heading North (5:28)
Voice - Jasmine Ntoutoume

2. Erosion (9:13)
Vocals - Irina Mikhailova

3. Isolation (8:58)
Vocals - Lisa Larsson

4. Vertical (8:22)

5. In Control (8:49)

6. 102 Miles From Here (7:11)

7. Wasteland (8:12)

8. Forever Imaginary (7:01)
Acoustic Guitar - Mattias Johnsson

9. Ensueño (6:41)
Acoustic Guitar - Mattias Johnsson
Vocals - Lisa Larsson

10. Mountain Lake (6:32)
Acoustic Guitar - Mattias Johnsson
Bass - Carlos De Rada
Melodica - Robert Elster

11. Yaku (2:16)
Voice - Tina Casana Colque

Download Option 1 : Part 1 ; Part 2

Download Option 2 : Part 1 ; Part 2

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    Try www.MyTrance.Info or ... Hope it works !

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  3. Password is: www.MyTrance.Info

  4. anonymous who put the password... you hero!


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