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Vibrasphere - Archipelago 2006

Heavily inspired by their surrounds on the East Coast of the Baltic Sea, Archipelago represents a maturation of the now classic Vibrasphere sound.

Drawing on influences from older works, but at the same time fusing it with a fantastic updated sound, the album will no doubt be one of the progressive releases of the year.

Featuring 9 new tracks with musical themes extending from sweeping dub-influenced soundscapes- through deeper, emotional progressive right up into driving morning trance-Archipelago guarantees the listener a journey through the complete sound of Vibrasphere.

Rickard and Robert have spent many hours in the studio refining this release, ensuring its production work and musicality are absolutely world class. The pairs years of studio experience guarantees they will remain at the forefront of the evolving progressive scene.

Digital Structures and Vibrasphere invite you to share in their vision of the modern sound of electronic music.

Tracklist :

1. Tierra Azul (6:57)
2. Sweet September (8:54)
3. Reservoir (8:41)
4. Landmark (8:38)
5. Seven Days To Daylight (9:10)
6. Morning Breeze (8:34)
7. Sudden Comfort (9:26)
8. Baltic Resonance (6:32)
9. Late Winter Storms (8:36)

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