Friday, April 24, 2009

Crazy Ducks - Duck Season

Crazy Ducks are Yaron Osinsky and Moran Ben Meir. The album was mastered at Yaron Osinsky Studio in Haifa. All tracks are written and produced by Yaron Osinsky and Moran Ben Meir. The CD artwork is done by Adrian Willmansson and Yaron Osinsky.

Shiva Space Japan is proud to present 'Crazy Ducks' A fascinating new band from Israel!

Their new inovative ground breaking style is definitly a dancefloor delight, a perfect alternative source to morning music for everyone that is tired of the all-known styles in trance music. Funky melodies, killer grooves and funny samples shapes their new style in the psychedelic music scene!

Duck Season is here!

Tracklist :

1. Zoomzoom Baba - 07:04
2. Pytria Underwater - 07:36
3. Duck Season - 07:57
4. Go Quacky - 07:36
5. Fungus Cactus - 07:23
6. Kookie Pook - 07:34
7. Do you duck it - 08:31
8. Sygmatik - Leadless Dance (Crazy Ducks rmx) - 06:47
9. Chu pe-r00 - 08:54

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

This album is full of new stuff. Things that can be really useful in any dancefloor for creating crazy moments and breaks. IMO any raver likes to listen to innovative sounds at a party, it helps to create a good atmosphere, like if something new and good was going on. Another achievement that I found here is that although the tracks sound like too crazy at first and without a guiding line, most of them are really danceable.

Read the complete review on Isratrance !

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