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Vibrasphere - Archipelago Remixed 2007

:. Artist -> Vibrasphere
.: Title -> Archipelago Remixed
:. Genre -> Psychedelic
:. CatNo -> DIGCD019
.: Label -> Digital Structures
:. Source -> Digital Download Store
.: Quality -> VBRkbps 44,1kHz (Straight from uncompressed WAVE)
:. Quantity -> 09 Tracks
.: StoreDate -> 03.20.2007
:. ReleaseDate -> 03.20.2007
.: Size -> 97,8 MB

.: Tracklist :.

01. Vibrasphere - tierra azul (omnimotion feat krister lind (03:37)
02. Vibrasphere - reservoir (fiord remix) (07:45)
03. Vibrasphere - sweet september (perfect stranger remix) (09:18)
04. Vibrasphere - landmark (allaby remix) (08:32)
05. Vibrasphere - morning breeze (atmos remix) (08:00)
06. Vibrasphere - sudden comfort (decoy remix) (08:36)
07. Vibrasphere - baltic resonance (solar fields remix) (08:55)
08. Vibrasphere - seven days to daylight (unai remix) (06:54)
09. Vibrasphere - late winter storms (tobias lilja remix) (07:36)

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For almost a decade now, Swedish duo Rickard Bergloef and Robert Elster have been pumping out tracks.

From their Cloud 99 Studios, helping to create the sound what is modern progressive dance music. With nearly 100 released productions to their name and gigs in all corners of the globe, they are without a doubt one of the most sought-after and respected trance acts in the world today.

Their 3rd album Archipelago was one of the seminal releases of 2006 and firmly established Vibrasphere back on the scene with praising words from press / djs and exceptional sales. In the fall of 2006, Vibrasphere also made a successful transition to a wider audience with their smash hit single 'Floating Free' being picked up by superstar Djs Armin Van Buuren and Markus Schulz for their radio shows which then also fueled an encore interest in Archipelago and radio rotation by the 2 aforementioned and heaps others followed.

The result has been Vibrasphere tracks being played by the likes of Christofer Lawrence, Markus Schulz, Armin Van Buuren, Menno de Jong and John 00 Fleming plus a whole new generation of Vibrasphere fans. A row of licenses to both Archipelago and the 'Floating Free' single include compilations like Armada Trance vol 1 (by Armin Van Buuren) and Gatecrasher Live (by Christopher Lawrence).

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