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Side Liner - Crying Cities - 2009

Artist: Side Liner

Title: Crying Cities

Type: Album

Label: Cosmicleaf Records


Genre: Chill Out

Style: Ambient / Downtempo

Release Date: Jan-17-2009

Store Date: Jan-16-2009

Medium: CDDA

Catalog Nr: CLCD014

Encoder: Lame 3.97

Grabber: EAC 0.95 beta 4

Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz

Mode: Joint-Stereo

Tracks: 10

Length: 01:06:22 min

Size: 152.2 MB

A music story for the future of big cities and their citizens' dreams! Nick Miamis loyal on his annual music report, bring us his forth Side Liner album. A concept about the future of big cities, a future that maybe has already come! Emotional patterns and soundtrack atmospheres, a kaleidoscope of sounds from downtempo to chill out, from breaks to ambient, under crystal production and the unique side liner style.

A fantastic journey through the melancholy of music with soft and hard moments. Including collaborations from artists as D.Batistatos, Zero Cult, Cydelix, Red Eye Express and Secret Sound Labs. Join the chilling shade of our cosmic leaves.

Crying Cities continues the journey through sublime textures that hopscotch between comforting warmth and oblique menace. Running the gamut from ambient to breaks, the album soars through a 10 dreamy soundscapes where Sideliner's chilling vision of the future collides head-on with the realities of a perplexing modern world. Saturated with ponderous melodies and glowing with brooding reflection, Crying Cities is a trusty companion as you sleepwalk through a domain of rasping beats, velvet synths and diabolic rushes and out into the cold unknown future.

"...Side Liner's offering is a sonic fragrance to seduce our senses and expand the mind into the realms of primordial recognition. Mesmerizing chill out style, brilliant production and a highly recommended release for timeless travelers..."

"...Euphoric and emotional it certainly is, but the crisp, intelligent and varied drum programming alone puts this well above overcooked commercial ambient trance comps for the cafe set. Rhythmically there's elements of electro, breakbeat, dub and 4/4 dance. Layered and strongly melodic, at its best the deep lushness of Side Liner's music is brilliantly
balanced with spiky sounds, odd machine noises and percussive stabs all deployed in a very musical way..."

"...the fantastic kind of melody which enters to the Greek myth,being mysterious,formed by organic sound effect & dramatic psychedelic downbeat..."

"...exotic, chilled back journeys to the fairytale world of the subconscious..."

"...What kind of a working environment inspire artists to make music? It must have a big effect on the final musical product. Side Liner, who lives amidst the beautiful blue Greek sky and ocean, harnesses these natural elements into his music to make deep and moving "mind traveling" music. This music helps people to forget the hustle and bustle of city life by conveying the fullness of life to stressed listeners and is definitely recommended..."

Tracklist :

01 Crying Cities 06:37
02 Highway Dreams 06:11
03 Old Neighborhood 06:50
04 Dead End 06:33
05 Camera Obscura 06:37
06 Violet Room (Remix for Zero Cult) 06:45
07 Tall Stories 07:15 (Remix for D.Batistatos)
08 2222 (Prostranstvo 2008 Edit) 07:15
09 Urban Haze 05:41
10 Crying Cities Remix (Cydelix's Ambient Version) 06:38

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